Airforce Military School (AFMS) Jos Rules & Regulations

Airforce Military School (AFMS) Jos Has Published the Rules & Regulations for all Junior and Secondary Students.

Below are the rules and regulations guiding all students of the Airforce Military School, Jos both Junior and Secondary Schools.

Discipline is generally maintained in the school with the application of military laws. However, because of the unique nature of the school some specific rules and regulations common to secondary schools are drawn to guide the JAM.

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Some rules and regulations are:

a. Morning duties – cleaning of the hostels and classrooms must be  done promptly by the JAM.

b. Muster Parade – All the JAM must attend muster parade promptly and regularly.

c. Meals –  All JAM must be at the dining hall punctually and must maintain silence, use correct cutlery sets and must wear slippers to the dining hall.

No food item should be taken out of the dining hall except for those who are known to be sick in the medical centre.

d. Lessons  –  JAM must attend all lessons throughout the term. Free period as provided by the time table should be observed in the library.

e. Games – Every JAM must participate in sporting activities and games. JAM must appear in their complete sports wear and canvas shoes.

f. Prep – Prep periods are strictly meant for private studies and assignments.

g. Siesta – Siesta periods must be observed by all JAM between 1500hrs and 1600hrs daily.

h. Tattoo – All JAM must promptly respond to tattoos and other impromptu calls that will be conducted from time to time in the school.

i. Light out – All lights in the rooms of the various squadrons must be put out at 2200hrs daily.

There should be no movement or talking during light out when the JAM are expected to be in bed.

j. Exit/Pass –  No JAM will be allowed to go out of the school compound without an official pass from the school.

k. Visiting/Outing Days – Parents, guardians or other authorized persons will be allowed to visit the JAM in the school compound once in a term at a date and time to be determined by the school each term.

Furthermore, the JAM will  be allowed an official outing once or twice within the term as will be determined by the school.

With this arrangement in place, no parent is therefore expected to visit the school on invitation by their children.

l. Religious Activities – The school only allows the practice of Islam and Christianity. Therefore, the Muslims are only allowed the practice of their five daily prayers and the juma’at  prayer, on Friday while the Christians (which are streamed into Protestants and Catholics) are allowed to observe the Sunday services in their various churches.

Furthermore, Padre hours will be duly observed by 1300hrs to 1400hrs by the Christians on Fridays.
m. Property – Proper care must be taken of all properties whether personal or belonging to the school by all JAM.

There should be no removal of property such as furniture and equipment from their normal place of use. No JAM is expected to keep an amount exceeding N100 in his possession

n. Provisions – JAM are not allowed to keep edible provisions with them or with any person with the intention of falling back on them whenever desired.

o. Brutalization – No JAM is expected to strike or inflict any bodily harm on a fellow JAM. Extortion of properties belonging to junior JAM by the senior ones is not allowed. These offences attract severe disciplinary action.