2020 NYSC Batch 'A' Online Registration Errors Correction Guidelines

2020 NYSC Batch 'A' Online Registration Errors Correction Guidelines

Solutions on How to Correct Wrong Passport Photographs Upload, Names, Date of Birth, Course of Study, Class of Degree, Qualification Wrong Matriculation Number, Wrong JAMB Number and No Records Found on Senate List During Online Registration Exercise of the 2020 National Youth Services Corps [NYSC.] Batch A, B & C (Stream I, II).

There shall be no correction of Date of Birth on Certificate of National Service (CNS) after the completion of National Service.

Accordingly, you are strongly advised to utilize the link provided on your dashboard for Date of Birth correction during your Online Registration.

Also, note that NYSC will not entertain any request for Date of Birth correction once you have been deployed and commenced your Service year.

Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!

This is to inform all 2020 Batch "A" Stream I, II PCMs are to make use of the links provided for them on their dashboard appropriately during Online Registration.

1. Name Correction
i. Spelling Error
ii. Name Re-arrangement
iii. Name Replacement
iv. Name Addition
v. Name Removal
2. Correction of Date of Birth.
3. Correction of Qualification.
4. Correction of Class of Degree.
5. Correction of Course of Study

This is to inform 2020 Batch "A" Stream I, II PCMs that you can request for Correction of Name on your dashboard by clicking on "Apply for Change of Name" link.

a. Spelling Error
b. Rearrangement
c. Replacement
d. Addition
e. Removal

Kindly note that your Students Affairs Officer, will see the request for Replacement, Addition and Removal of Name, process and forward to NYSC for further necessary action.

You will not be registered on camp, if there is disparity in the name uploaded online, that appears on your dashboard and that of your Statement of Result.

This is necessary to avoid errors on your Certificate of National Service.

1. Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC Verification Pin from any First Bank branch.
2. Login to your Dashboard with your Username and Password.
3. Click on the Date of Birth link.
Enter WAEC Verification Pin, select WAEC Type, Year of Exam and enter your Examination  Number.
4. Click on Verify button

Prospective Corps Members with disparity on the Course of Study uploaded online by their Institutions on their Senate List, that appears on the dashboard and that of the Statement of Result, should apply for Correction of Course of Study on their dashboard.

You will NOT be allowed to register in the Orientation Camp, if the Course of Study on your dashboard is not the same as that of your Statement of Result.

NOTE: This is to inform Corp Members that once you are mobilized, you cannot correct your Date of Birth.

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Kindly note that your Institution is to effect the Correction of Course of Study.

All PCMs with disparity in the names uploaded online i.e (Addition or Removal) and that of the Statement of Result, to click on Addition/Removal of name link.

Those who want to rearrange their names, including correcting spelling mistakes to click on Name Correction link on their dashboard.

This is necessary to avoid wrongly spelt name on your Certificate of National Service.

NOTE: All PCMs are to contact their Institutions, if they are faced with the following challenges during Online Registration.

1. Wrong or already used  Matriculation Number.
2. Invalid or Wrong JAMB Number.
3. No records found on the Senate list on the portal.

PCMs with wrongly uploaded Thumbprint and Passport Photographs during Online Registration to contact our States Secretariat before the commencement of the Orientation Exercise.

Married Female PCMs who want to apply for Concessional Posting based on Marital grounds are to upload the following documents;

i. Marriage Certificate
ii. Newspaper change of name
iii. Identity of Husband ( National
ID, International Passport or Driver's Licence )
iv. Evidence of Husband's State of Residence.
v. Letter from Employee/Utility bill.

PCMs who are in the Medical profession are to come with their licence, those with expired license are advised to renew their license before going to camp.

The portal is also open for part-time graduates, register online so as to be able to print your Exclusion Letter on your dashboard , when PCMs are enabled to print their Call-up Letters.

Nigerian trained graduates who are exempted from service should make sure they collect their Exemption Certificate on time. NYSC will only allow corrections within three (3) months from the date of Online Registration.

All 2020 Batch "A" Stream II PCMs Prospective Corps Members are hereby informed that Online Registration has begun.  

See: 2020 NYSC Batch "A" Stream I, II Online Registration Schedule & Procedures
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  1. pls, can it be possible to correct some erro's like fingerprint problems on NYSC PORTAL?

  2. My middle name was omitted, I tried correcting it during the online registration. But made a mistake. Pls how can I rectify this mistake

    1. Read the instruction given on the post above again.

  3. Pls there is incorrect arrangement from the Senate list and I have correct it in my dash board when registering online BT to my surprise the exclusion letter still bear the wrong arrangements

  4. pls d arrangement of my name on jamb portal is not correct but d one on school and nysc list is correct, hope it won't affect my nysc registration...my middle name is in place of my first name on jamb

    1. Kindly go do your correction on JAMB Portal, it cost 2,500.

  5. Good evening
    Plz, while registering, year of entry was omitted and on my green card, it is 0. Plz what can be done?

  6. What to do if the date of birth on my waec is above 30 years. And want to serve

    1. There is nothing to do, you have to go for exemption letter

  7. My name is on the senate list of my school, but records no record found on NYSC portal. Meanwhile, my other coursemates have their records thereon and have proceeded with registration.

  8. Please my name was spelt wrongly on the senate list. Ukaha instead of Ukoha How can I change it in time for the next batch.

    1. Go and make the correction from your institution and await the commencement of registration for next batch to make corrections from the link on your dashboard.

  9. Please my Matric number is incorrect on the nysc senate list hope it won’t affect me during online registration.thanks

    1. It will, Kindly go to your institution and make the necessary correction.

  10. please my year of entry was ommitted, it is showing 0, what can i do?

  11. My year of graduation on the uploaded senate list was written as 2019 instead of 2018. Pls what can I do?

  12. My year of graduation on the uploaded senate list was written as 2019 instead of 2018. Pls what can I do?

    1. The error is from your institution, kindly contact them to make necessary correction and re-upload on NYSC Portal.


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