NECO 2020 June/July (SSCE) Internal Registration Form | How to Apply

NECO 2020 June/July (SSCE) Internal Registration Form | How to Apply

PHOTOS: National Examination Council, NECO June/July SSCE Internal Registration Form, Eligibility, Guidelines, Fees, Closing Date/Deadline for Centers and Candidates for 2019/2020 Session.

The National Examination Council, NECO wishes to inform all Secondary School that the sales of form and registration for the 2020 June/July Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) is ongoing.

Principals/Commandants of Schools are hereby advised to proceed with the purchase of forms and registration immediately.

See: NECO June/July (SSCE) Examination Results Checker.


This is the examination taken by candidates in their last stage of Secondary School Education. The SSCE is in two categories. One is for candidates in the third and final year of their senior secondary education and it is called SSCE Internal while the Second is SSCE External and is for candidates not in the School system, i.e. Private Candidates.

The SSCE internal has seventy-six subjects which are grouped into the following six categories.
1. Compulsory Cross-Cutting Subjects
2. Science and Mathematics
3. Technology
4. Humanities
5. Business Studies and
6. Trade/Entrepreneurship.

NOTE: All candidates must offer the 4 cross-cutting compulsory subjects. Candidates are to offer 3-4 subjects from their area of specialization and 1 elective outside their field of specialization provided the total number of subjects is not more than nine (9). The minimum number of subjects is eight (8)



Principals/Commandants of Schools are hereby informed that only candidates in their final year of the Senior Secondary School (i.e. SS3) are eligible for registration. For the avoidance of doubt, the June/July 2020 SSCE is meant for only school based candidates in Nigeria and overseas. It is not meant for private candidates. Principals/Commandants of Schools and Ministries of Education should endeavor to enforce the eligibility condition.


The following are the registration procedures for Principals/Commandants of schools presenting bona-fide candidates for 2020 June/July SSCE.

Schools (centres) are to register their candidates using the offline application before logging online to the NECO registration portal to effect payment of registration and other mandatory fees before  uploading the candidates’ data.

The minimum number of candidates to be registered by a school for SSCE Internal is twenty (20). Any centre registering less than 20 candidates is deemed unviable.

Note: Registration cards will no longer be used with effect from 2019. Schools (Centres) are to log in to the NECO portal and pay the registration fees into the NECO TSA online using the payment options.

Once payment is successful, the candidates’ data can be uploaded from the offline app and only then will exam numbers be generated for the candidates.

Recommended: Click here to Download NECO SSCE (June/July & Nov/Dec) and BECE Offline Registration Software.

i. Entry Schedules and Customized CD:
School Principals/Commandants are to collect Entry Schedules, Subjects’ Analysis form and Customized CD-ROM for their SS3 Candidates from NECO Offices in their respective States. The collected CD is usable for one year registration period, and it’s not transferable.

ii. Installation of the Software and Registration:
Schools shall install the customized registration software on their internet enabled laptop/Desktop and thereafter, commence registration and biometrics information of all candidates presented for SSCE registration.

iii. Registration, Bio-Data Capture and Submission
NECO June/July (SSCE) Internal Registration Guidelines 2019/2020

In order to upload your candidates’ data to the NECO portal and obtain examination numbers, all centres must

  • be registered
  • create their online account
  • log in and purchase tokens for their candidates (scratch cards are no longer used)
  • have a minimum of 20 candidates

The SSCE Internal offline and online applications are a suite of software that enable schools otherwise known as centers; register their candidates, make payments - (online app), manage their candidate information, for the SSCE internal (Jun/Jul) Examination.


  • Center must have been registered and in the database.
  • The URL will be provided only after centers have submitted validation list to NECO.

With the SSCE (Internal) Examination Portal, you can perform these task below: 

  • Update Center information by creating an admin account
  • Login and Make payments
  • Upload Candidate information and generate exam number
  • Upload CA 3 

Updating Centre Information for SSCE Internal 

Centre are required to update their information and create a CENTRE ADMIN account which it will use to manage all their candidate record by completing the process in the URL.

NECO has uploaded a list of Centres to the online system to be updated with their Centre Admin information.

To update a Centre information;
Step 1.
Go to enter your Centre Number/Code and select your exam type.

NECO June/July (SSCE) Internal Registration Guidelines 2019/2020

Step 2
Click on Display Centre Info, you Centre information will be displayed.
Step 3
Enter your Center Admin Information to update your center info
NECO June/July (SSCE) Internal Registration Guidelines 2019/2020

Step 4 
Verification email will be sent to your registered email, click it to verify email and set new password for your account
NECO June/July (SSCE) Internal Registration Guidelines 2019/2020
Step 5 
Sign in with Centre Number/Code and new password to login to your account
NECO June/July (SSCE) Internal Registration Guidelines 2019/2020


As part of the requirements for the SSCE (Internal), all schools (centres) are to submit their candidates’ third year continuous assessment scores (CA3).
NECO June/July (SSCE) Internal Registration Guidelines 2019/2020

NECO will announce the date when centres can upload the CA3 from the offline registration app.  The offline application will not allow you to add CA3 for the candidates, before the announcement of the date for the submission of CA3.

As soon as the window for the upload is open, schools (centres) should fill in the CA3 using the offline application. 
Once this is done, the entries should be synchronized to the online application.  If a centre does not send the CA3 within the stipulated period, a penalty of 20,000 Naira must be paid online from the centre’s account before the CA3 can be uploaded.  
Results will not be released for schools (centres) that fail to upload the CA3 for their candidates.


The following are the approved fees for the examination and other related items:
  1. Registration fees – 9,850.00 Naira (Mandatory fee)
  2. Photo album – 1,350.00 Naira per pair – (Mandatory fee)
  3. Syllabus – 1,200.00 Naira per copy
  4. Four figure table – 200.00 Naira per copy
  5. Unviable centre fee – 40,000.00 Naira (for centres that registered less than 20 candidates)
  6. Late submission of 3rd Year CA fee – 20,000.00 Naira (applies when centres submit their CA3 after the window has closed)


The minimum number of candidates to be registered by a school is 20 (Twenty). Any school registering less than twenty candidates shall pay a surcharge of N40,000.00 (Forty Thousand Naira) Only.


(a) Photo-albums are to be purchased in pairs. Each photo-album has a provision for 171 candidates. A page has a provision for nine candidates and there are nineteen pages. A pair of photo-album cost N1,350.00 (One Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Naira) Only. The candidates photographs pasted in the two photo-albums MUST BE THE SAME WITH THE ONE USED FOR ON-LINE REGISTRATION.

(b) After completion, one copy of the photo-album is to be submitted to NECO State Office while the school retains the other copy.


School Principals/Commandants shall return a copy of the downloaded on-line data of registered candidates to NECO Office in their respective states.


(a) The registration period is between January 1st, 2020 to May, 2020.

(b) The website will be closed on May, 2020 at 12.00 midnight. Late registration will not be entertained.

(c) The last date for return of downloaded statistics of the registered candidates by schools to respective NECO State Offices is May, 2020.


(1) Collection of Entry Schedules by schools as from March, 2020.

(2) Last date for on-line registration by schools May, 2020.

(3) Last date for submission of downloaded copies of on-line registration data by schools to State Offices, May, 2020.

Recommended: NECO Timetable for 2020 June/July Examination (SSCE).

Thank you.

Badayi Ahmed
Director Examination Administration For: REGISTRAR/CHIEF EXECUTIVE.
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