COWBELLPEDIA Prizes for Students, Teachers & Schools | JS 2 & SS 2 Categories

View the Official COWBELLPEDIA Mathematics Competition Prizes (Cash & Others) for Participating Students, Teachers and Schools for State Level (Stage 1) Competition and Tv Quiz (Stage 2) Competition | Junior (JS 2) and Senior (SS 2) Categories.

Its no longer news that the Cowbellpedia Management makers of Cowbell Our Milk has increased the Prize Money or Students Cash Prizes for the Cowbellpedia Maths Competition.

This is to mark the occasion of 20 years relationship of Cowbell and Mathematics in Nigeria

COWBELLPEDIA New Cash Prizes for Teachers, Students & Schools | Junior & Senior Categories

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Below is a comprehensive highlight of all the prizes in Cowbellpedia Secondary School TV Quiz Show that Students, Teachers and schools get for participating in the National written examination and TV Quiz show.

Stage One (National Written Examination)

At the end of the written National Qualifying examination, top performing students and teachers from each state are rewarded for excellence performance as listed below:

1 First position in each State (Junior & Senior) ₦30,000 each
2 Second Position in each State (Junior & Senior) ₦25,000 each
3 Third Position in each State (Junior & Senior) ₦20,000 each
4 Teacher of the First Position in each State (Junior & Senior) ₦30,000 each

Stage Two (TV Quiz Show)

Below are all the cash prizes given to all the outstanding students involved in the Stage Two of the Cowbellpedia Competition and their Mathematics Teachers

1 First Position in each Category (Junior/Senior) ₦2,000,000
2 Second Position in each Category (Junior/Senior) ₦1,500,000
3 Third Position in each Category (Junior/Senior) ₦1,000,000
4 Fourth – Sixth Position in each Category (Junior/Senior) ₦150,000
5 Teachers of the First Position Winners in each Category (Junior/Senior) ₦500,000
6 Teachers of the Second Position Winners in each Category (Junior/Senior) ₦400,000
7 Teachers of the Third Position Winners in each Category (Junior/Senior) ₦300,000
8 Teachers of the Fourth – Sixth Position in each Category (Junior/Senior) ₦75,000
9 All eliminated Semifinalists (12 per Category) Students (Junior/Senior) ₦75,000
10 Teachers of all eliminated Semifinalists (Junior/Senior) ₦50,000
11 All Students Eliminated in Prelim, 36 per Category (Junior/Senior) ₦50,000
12 Teachers of all Students eliminated in prelim (Junior/Senior) ₦30,000

Aside the cash prizes, there are other gift items given to all contestants as listed below:
  1. First and Second position students and their Teachers gets a Laptop each
  2. Trophies and medals for 1st – 3rd Positions
  3. Every other Students gets a Tablet each
  4. Text books and Computer Systems are given to the winners’ schools

Some special recognitions are given to:
  1. Best Students in the Cowbellpedia 60 Seconds of Fame (Student who answered highest number of Questions in 60 Seconds)
  2. Benson Oweka Prize: usually given to the most consistent School in the last three years of the Competition.
  3. Best Teacher of the year

To apply click the link Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition Guidelines 2020 Edition | Written Exam | Tv Quiz