2021 NYSC Exclusion Letter Printing Guide [PT, NOUN & DLC Graduates]

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Letter of Exclusion Online Printing Guidelines and Procedures for Part-Time (PT) National Open University (NOUN) and Distance Learning (DLC's) Graduates.

The Management of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC wishes to inform all Part-time graduates whose Institutions have uploaded their records on the portal to go online and register to enable them print their Letter of Exclusion on their dashboard when PCMs are enabled to print their Call-up Letters.

Online Printing of 2021 NYSC Exclusion Letters is IN PROGRESS.

Note: Printing of Exclusion Letter by those that have registered is still available on their dashboard, even after the closure of the portal.

Exclusion letter is a letter given to graduates who their programmes are by law excluded from National service.

NYSC Exclusion Letter Printing Guidelines [PT, NOUN & DLC Graduates]

RECOMMENDED: NOUN Collection of NYSC Exclusion Letters for 2021 Graduands.

You will follow the same process as those who are meant to serve or exempted. Below is the quick guidelines.

  1. Kindly make sure that your school forwards your data to NYSC for uploading to the NYSC registration portal. This list of graduating students is called the senate list.
  2. Go for NYSC online registration as soon as registration commences. Fill exactly the same form (information) in the normal online registration except that you won’t be asked to select 4 states of deployment.
  3. After completing the online registration you won’t be given any document (as that is not available for the exclusion candidates). Only those serving will be given the green card.
  4. You will return to print your exclusion letter when those who are to serve are printing their call-up letters.
  5. Note that as at the time of this post exclusion graduates are to print this letter online while served corps are given discharged certificate by hands after service.

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