JAMB Admission Status Portal 2023: Check Online & via SMS
Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) Admission Status Checking Portal Guidelines for (1995/1996, 1996/1997, 1997/1998, 1998/1999, 1999/2000, 2000/2001, 2001/2002, 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2004/2005, 2005/2006, 2006/2007, 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013, 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021, 2021/2022, 2022/2023, 2023/2024) | How to Check Your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal Online and Via Text Message.
The Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB wishes to inform all present and past candidates who has been offered admission via their various schools and those yet to be admitted that they can now start checking of their admission status via the Central Admission Processing System, CAPS Admission Status Checking Portal form 1995 - Till Date.

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Please Kindly note that Checking of your Admission Status via JAMB CAPS is totally free of charge.

Though most schools publishes their admission list of admitted candidates on their own portal or notice board, it is highly recommended that all students confirm their admission too via the JAMB CAPS Admission Status checker portal as that is the only well recognized admission in the Nigerian Education System.

As for past candidates, needs might arise and requires confirmation of your admission status either after your JAMB Regularization Process or any other activities relating to gaining admission into other institutions or Job Recruitment or NYSC activities, whichever way the-same process outlined below is applicable to you also.

JAMB CAPS: Admission Status Checking Guidelines [Online & Text Message (SMS) | 1995 - Till Date (PHOTOS)

1. Kindly visit the JAMB e-Facility portal via https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/
JAMB CAPS: Admission Status Checking Guidelines | 1995 - Till Date (PHOTOS)
2. Enter your Username and Password and Click the Login Button as shown on the image above.[NOTE: If you don't have any Username or Password quickly create one using the "Create Account Button" located at the LOGIN Page].

3. After Successful login, if you are on a desktop computer kindly locate the "Admission Tab" on the left hand side on the page, Click on it to reveal the drop down menu which contains the "Check Admission Status Button"
JAMB CAPS: Admission Status Checking Guidelines | 1995 - Till Date (PHOTOS)

4. Now Click on the Check Admission Status Button which was revealed via the drop-down Admission Tab button.
JAMB CAPS: Admission Status Checking Guidelines | 1995 - Till Date (PHOTOS)
5. Kindly Select your Examination Year from the Drop-Down Menu Box, and Input your JAMB Registration Number in the other box and click on the "Check Admission Status Button" and wait for your admission status to be displayed.
JAMB CAPS: Admission Status Checking Guidelines | 1995 - Till Date (PHOTOS)

6. If you are been admitted you will get a response with your Photo Image being displayed and a text Congratulating you on your admission offer, But if you are not offered any admission yet you will get a text response with "Sorry No Admission has been Given Yet"
JAMB CAPS: Admission Status Checking Guidelines | 1995 - Till Date (PHOTOS)
7. After successful confirmation of admission status and if offered admission you can proceed to ACCEPT OR REJECT ADMISSION STATUS or Proceed to PRINT YOUR JAMB ADMISSION LETTER.




Candidates who are not sure of their admission status can check for such from their phones by sending

  • ''STATUS YEAR OF ADMISSION" to 55019 e.g "STATUS2022" to 55019.

NOTE: Successfully admitted candidates are advised to ensure that they indicate the acceptance or rejection of admission online and timely to enable the processing of their admission.

It is important to note also that candidates who have been offered admission are to equally print their admission letter after accepting the admission, as they will likely need this during clearance and registration in the school that they have been admitted.

Candidates who used awaiting result during their registration are to upload their O’Level result on JAMB portal so that their institution of choice will be able to process their admission.

Not offered admission yet? Keep checking the JAMB website for your admission status.

Note that the Admission List will be uploaded in batches on JAMB portal as they are processed.

Meaning of JAMB CAPS Admission Status

1. Not Admitted on JAMB CAPS: This status is the general status for all candidates before school start sending lists to JAMB, it makes student panic at all time of checking JAMB CAPS because some candidates interpret the status wrongly that admission will not be given especially when other candidates are seeing something different.

If you see this on your status, it does not implies that you will not be admitted, it only means that you have not yet been consider for admission, and if your school has not release all lists, you can still be hopeful that you may later be considered for admission.

2. Admission in Progress (AIP) on JAMB CAPS: When JAMB receive the list of candidates from JAMB, the status will change to "Admission in Progress" which means you have already been considered for admission and admission will soon be given after full verification.

Candidates seeing this status should make sure that O'level result has successfully been uploaded on JAMB CAPS because it is possible for the status to change from Admission in Progress to NOT Admitted if JAMB noticed that O'level result has not been successfully uploaded by such candidate.

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