Cowbellpedia 2019 Result Checker [1st Stage] | Junior & Senior

Cowbellpedia 2019 Result Checker [1st Stage] | Junior & Senior

COWBELL / COWBELLPEDIA Mathematics Competition First Stage Written Qualifying 2019 Examination Result for Junior and Senior Category Result - 2018/2019 Edition | Junior and Senior Top 3 Candidates by States | Cowbellpedia Junior/Senior Category Finalists (Provisional) Results.

The wait is over! The results for the first stage exams of the 2019 Cowbellpedia Secondary School National Mathematics Examination Results is now available.

Latest Update: The 2019 Results for the CowbellPedia National qualifying exams are out...Check yours. The Results were released and uploaded online on June 1st, 2019 at exactly 12pm.
We are using this meduim to inform all candidates, schools and parents that the Cowbellpedia 2019/2020 Results of the First Stage Written Qualifying Examination of both Junior and Senior Schools written on 9th February, 2019 are now released.

How To Check the Cowbellpedia Written Qualifying 2019 Examination Results for Junior and Senior Categories 2018/2019

The results of the 2019 Cowbellpedia Secondary Schools Mathematics TV Quiz show Stage 1 are hereby fully released. All necessary precautions have been taken in having a
smooth and error-free result coordination of all registered candidates for the National examination. However, should we discover any anomalies; such student(s) will be disqualified amongst other sanctions. The decision of the Producers on all matters are final and cannot be challenged. This does not however infringe on your civil rights. Petitions are allowed for a maximum of 7 days after results are published
Contacts: [email protected]/ 0708 705 7670

Congratulations to all Students!!!
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  1. i can't find my result
    why ??????
    i contact them but nothing

    1. Drop your details, lets help you check and confirm please!!!

  2. Please can u help me list the different mathematics competitions we have apart from cowbell. I will so much appreciate your quick response thanks

  3. I try to register my school but the site is no going, pls help before deadline day


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