MAN Mathematics Competition Results Checker 2018/2019

MAN Mathematics Competition Results 2019 | Mathematical Association of Nigeria

Mathematical Association of Nigeria (Lagos State Branch) Mathematics Competition Results for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools For 2018/2019 Out - 2019 MAN Exam Results Checker (

 This is to inform all students who registered for the Mathematical Association of MAN Lagos Maths Competition (Lagos State Branch) that the results for 2019 has been released and uploaded online.

Candidates are to log on to the MAN Lagos State Website to check and confirm their results for their respective district.

Steps to Check MAN Lagos State Competition Results - 2019

  • Candidates are to log on to MAN Lagos State result checker portal via
  • Enter Your Pin in the box provided. Your pin is your six digits seat number of the Olympiad
    E.g. For Primary, PS000123;
    For Junior, JSS000123; For Senior, SSS000123
  • Finally click on the log in button to view results.



The Mathematical Association of Nigeria is a non-governmental organization registered in Nigeria to cater for the interests of its members in interactions in mathematical thought in all fields of endeavor including education, science and technology.


The objectives of the MAN are:
  • To encourage and stimulate mathematical thought and activities.
  • To promote effective mathematical teaching and research.
  • To encourage the development and effective use of mathematics in Nigeria.
  • To provide for a regular contact and interaction among mathematicians, mathematics educators, teachers and users of mathematics.
  • To inspire young Nigerian to show interest in mathematics and be functionally literate in the subject. To encourage and undertake the publication of mathematics journals, reference books and newsletter as means of promoting the development of mathematics and dissemination of research findings in mathematics, mathematics education, science and technology.
  • To make major contributions in curriculum review and advise the government in issue(s) concerning mathematics and mathematics education in Nigeria.
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Anonymous said...

we can't find the website it is saying "domain name expired"

Lagos Universities Info said...

Website link is working fine make sure this is the link you are clicking>>>

Olympiad Success said...

Learning through competitive exam pattern is very fruitful to the students. This is improving the conceptual learning of Mathematics among students. Thanks for sharing important information. Good Luck for your efforts in expanding quality knowledge on Mathematics through conducting such competitive exams. All the best!

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