LASU Frowns at Illegal Collection of Dues & Levies By Faculties & Departments

The Lagos State University, LASU Management Frowns at Illegal Collection of Dues and Levies By Departments and Faculties Associations - Orders Refund to affected Students.

The attention of the University Management has been drawn to instances of attempt by the Executives of some departmental and Faculty Associations to impose levies on their members either in the name of ‘Due’ or ‘Developmental Levy’

For the avoidance of doubt, it is illegal for any Departmental or Faculty Association to impose dues or any form of levy on its members. 

The Students Union and Faculty/Departmental Associations dues are charged along with the School Fees and regularly remitted to the Students Union and respective Associations by the University through the Bursary Department.

Perpetrators of illegal fundraising and suchlike activities are therefore advised to desist forthwith or be ready to face the consequences of their nefarious pursuit. The penalty for extortion of money and other fraudulent practices, embezzlement of fund, misappropriation of Union/Association/Club/Society money is EXPULSION (page 110, Student Handbook, 2017).

It should be noted, however, that in special circumstances Department or Faculty Associations may be allowed to raise fund after applying to the Dean of Student’s Affairs through the Dean of Faculty, through the Head of Department, through the Staff Adviser, following a decision taken at the Congress meeting of the Associations.

Furthermore, students are reminded that it is illegal to pay any form of Departmental or Faculty levies to any member of Staff of LASU. When in doubt, students are encouraged to consult their Dean of Faculty or Dean of Student’s Affairs.

Against this background, the Vice Chancellor has ordered that all illegally collected dues be refunded to the students with immediate effect and evidences of such refund must be made to the Office of the Dean, Students Affairs Division.