Nigerian Navy DSSC Course 25 Special Enlistment & Interview for Medical Consultants - 2018

The Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) Course 25 Special Enlistment for Medical Consultants List of Shortlisted Candidates for Interview/Screening Published for 2018.

This is to inform all applicants whose names appear below are shortlisted for interview into the Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) Course 25 Special Enlistment for Medical Consultants.

Shortlisted candidates are to report at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo, Lagos State on Wednesday 04 April 2018 for an interview which will take place from 04 to 10 April 2018.

Nigerian Navy DSSC Course 25 Special Enlistment List of Shortlisted Applicants & Interview/Screening for Medical Consultants - 2018

Serial No. ApplicationNo Names Specialization
(a) (b) (c) (d)
1 DSSC25/2018/ABI/12/0000216 Nwosu Maudlyne Chizaram Public Health Physician
2 DSSC25/2018/ABI/22/0000333 Mark Kenneth Ikechukwu Family Medicine Physician
1 DSSC25/2018/ADA/16/0000521 Bala Chabiya Anaesthetist
2 DSSC25/2018/ADA/1/0000054 Gyadale Abdulhamid Njidda Anaesthetist
3 DSSC25/2018/ADA/20/0000775 Ahmad Umar Family Medicine Physician
1 DSSC25/2018/AKW/9/0000268 John Edidiong Edet Family Medicine Physician
1 DSSC25/2018/ANA/13/0000178 Okoye Chigozie Family Medicine Physician
2 DSSC25/2018/ANA/21/0000398 Onwubuya Nkiruka Onyekachi Family Medicine Physician
3 DSSC25/2018/ANA/3/0000034 Malizu Echezona Valentine Orthopaedic Surgeon
1 DSSC25/2018/BAU/18/0000925 Sulaiman Bara Sani General Surgeon
2 DSSC25/2018/BAU/15/0000819 Yusuf Ibrahim Abubakar Microbiologist
1 DSSC25/2018/BAY/10/0000609 Agbasa Rosemary Izibenedelbo Conservative Dentist
1 DSSC25/2018/BEN/37/0000883 Ab Emma Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
2 DSSC25/2018/BEN/29/0000588 Agbo Christian Agbo Urologist
3 DSSC25/2018/BEN/20/0000362 Obande Onyilo Bernard Orthopaedic Surgeon
4 DSSC25/2018/BEN/19/0000349 Okoh Elizabeth Onyi Public Health Physician
1 DSSC25/2018/DEL/5/0000117 Madubueze Ugochukwu Chinyem Public Health Physician
2 DSSC25/2018/DEL/4/0000089 Jombo Sunday Emmanuel Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
3 DSSC25/2018/DEL/12/0000242 Mondi Divine Azanor Family Medicine Physician
4 DSSC25/2018/DEL/36/0000840 Ogunbor Chukwuma Family Medicine Physician
5 DSSC25/2018/DEL/18/0000406 Zini Mudiaga Eseajeberuo Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
6 DSSC25/2018/DEL/13/0000263 Boi Lucky Boi Lucky Burns & Plastic Surgeon.
7 DSSC25/2018/DEL/2/0000039 Iken Chuka Tunde Orthopaedic Surgeon
1 DSSC25/2018/EDO/32/0000754 Osagiede Sunday Family Medicine Physician
2 DSSC25/2018/EDO/27/0000613 Agbonlahor Frank Uwaila Pathologist
3 DSSC25/2018/EDO/11/0000355 Okungbowa Chukwuekwu Emmanuel Neuro – Psychiatrist
4 DSSC25/2018/EDO/4/0000080 Osawe Austine Abebe Radiologist
1 DSSC25/2018/EKI/23/0000795 Olasehinde Olanrewaju Ezekiel Chemical Pathologist
2 DSSC25/2018/EKI/26/0000952 Adedayo Adebayo Ayokunle Paediatric Surgeon
1 DSSC25/2018/ENU/32/0000941 Agbo Andrew Ofoma Flight Surgeon
2 DSSC25/2018/ENU/18/0000583 Nduagubam Obinna Chukwuebuka Paediatrician
3 DSSC25/2018/ENU/9/0000257 Obieze Chukwuemeka Amaechi Peter Radiologist
4 DSSC25/2018/ENU/1/0000016 Eze Innocent Okafor Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
1 DSSC25/2018/GOM/8/0000741 Usman Ahmed Burns & Plastic Surgeon
1 DSSC25/2018/IMO/20/0000378 Echieh Chidiebere Peter Cardiothoracic Surgeon
2 DSSC25/2018/IMO/43/0000716 Ozoilo Janefrances Ugochi Public Health Physician
3 DSSC25/2018/IMO/2/0000015 Mbanuzuru Ahoma Victor Public Health Physician
4 DSSC25/2018/IMO/30/0000475 Nwosu Chibuike ENT Surgeon
5 DSSC25/2018/IMO/36/0000517 Uneze Nkemakolam Chiemeziem Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
6 DSSC25/2018/IMO/7/0000097 Nwaosu Emeka Chigozie General Surgeon
7 DSSC25/2018/IMO/58/0000954 Emedoh Andrew Emeka Chemical Pathologist
8 DSSC25/2018/IMO/ Onwuadika Placid Uzozie Anaesthetist
9 DSSC25/2018/IMO/ Egbuagha Ephraim Ugoma Chemical Pathologist
1 DSSC25/2018/KOG/1/0000017 Amadu Omuya Noel Chemical Pathologist
2 DSSC25/2018/KOG/6/0000109 Owa Olorunfemi Oludele Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
1 DSSC25/2018/KWA/36/0000931 Kofoworade Olawumi Olabimpe Paediatrician
2 DSSC25/2018/KWA/15/0000421 Agbabiaka Oladimeji Abdulateef Anaesthetist
3 DSSC25/2018/KWA/2/0000009 Daromosu Habibat Yetunde Ophthalmologist.
4 DSSC25/2018/KWA/13/0000386 Ademola Maroof Neuro – Psychiatrist
5 DSSC25/2018/KWA/18/0000487 Adetunji Opeyemi Adebola Histopathologist
6 DSSC25/2018/KWA/7/0000092 Abdulazeez Abdullateef Temitope Paediatrician
1 DSSC25/2018/LAG/15/0000893 Oduniyi Oludaisi Adeshina Family Medicine Physician
1 DSSC25/2018/NAS/3/0000255 Ombugadu David Ovey Microbiologist
1 DSSC25/2018/OGU/39/0000939 Lubuola Issa Bamidele Neuro – Psychiatrist
2 DSSC25/2018/OGU/24/0000589 Bayewu Grace Oluyemisi Radiologist
3 DSSC25/2018/OGU/17/0000425 Ayanbode Olufemi Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
4 DSSC25/2018/OGU/26/0000691 Akinsanya Oluseyi Gbolahan Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
5 DSSC25/2018/OGU/20/0000493 Sobowale Adekunle Matthew Paediatrician
1 DSSC25/2018/OND/17/0000351 Ijasan Olaolopin Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
2 DSSC25/2018/OND/34/0000787 Olalusi Damilola Shola Family Medicine Physician
3 DSSC25/2018/OND/23/0000534 Adaja Matthew Tomisin Chemical Pathologist
4 DSSC25/2018/OND/21/0000524 Owolabi Abimbola Segun Family Medicine Physician
5 DSSC25/2018/OND/26/0000597 Martins Segun Oladimeji Family Medicine Physician
6 DSSC25/2018/OND/16/0000344 Adebobola Adewole Zacchaeus Family Medicine Physician
1 DSSC25/2018/OSU/1/0000004 Ogunrewo Tolulope Olukunle Orthopaedic Surgeon
2 DSSC25/2018/OSU/54/0000701 Olubiyi Olufemi Mubo Family Medicine Physician
3 DSSC25/2018/OSU/3/0000118 Shittu Monsuru Ajibola Family Medicine Physician
4 DSSC25/2018/OSU/48/0000624 Dada Victoria Olubunmi (Fwacp) Chemical Pathologist
5 DSSC25/2018/OSU/13/0000212 Odeyemi Ayoola Nephrologist
6 DSSC25/2018/OSU/22/0000312 Adeosun Peter Olalekan Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
7 DSSC25/2018/OSU/26/0000334 Olawoyin Waleade Awero Family Medicine Physician
8 DSSC25/2018/OSU/18/0000272 Ojo Temitope Olumuyiwa Public Health Physician
1 DSSC25/2018/OYO/22/0000674 Adelabu Akeem Olajide Radiologist
2 DSSC25/2018/OYO/1/0000018 Tijani Fatai Adeyemi Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
3 DSSC25/2018/OYO/12/0000286 Ayoade Olufisayo Gabriel Chemical Pathologist
1 DSSC25/2018/PLA/7/0000261 Dawal Kwande Solomon Family Medicine Physician
2 DSSC25/2018/PLA/3/0000072 Dayok Pankyes Maxwell Family Medicine Physician
3 DSSC25/2018/PLA/12/0000634 Tawe Godwin Sale Radiologist
1 DSSC25/2018/RIV/2/0000056 Uzosike Tondor Cleopatra Jumbo Public Health Physician
2 DSSC25/2018/RIV/9/0000251 Doneh Yiralee Harold Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
3 DSSC25/2018/RIV/5/0000122 Nnah Echichechi Wamadi Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
1 DSSC25/2018/TAR/12/0000740 Gambo Bwejwa Paediatrician

Nigerian Navy DSSC Course 25 Interview for Medical Consultants

The Interview will involve the screening of academic certificates and credentials, medical tests and oral examinations. Candidates are to come along with the following items:

a. Duly completed Registration Forms.

b. Original and photocopies of academic certificates and credentials including:

(1) National Identity Card (acknowledgement slip admissible).

(2) First School Leaving Certificate and Senior Secondary School Certificates (WAEC, NECO, etc).

(3) Certificates from tertiary institutions.

(4) Evidence of fellowship of West African Colleges or National Medical Colleges in respective specializations such as FWACS, FWACO, FMOG or equivalents obtained from foreign institutions.

(5) Certificate or Registration with the Medical and dental Council of Nigeria.

(6) Certificate of Registration of Additional Certificates.

(7) Federal Ministry of Education authentication of foreign certificates.

(8) NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate.

(9) Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age.

(10) Certificate of Local Government of origin.

(11) Two (2) recent coloured passport-sized photographs.

c. Writing materials.

d. Three pairs of white (unmarked) vests and navy blue shorts.

e. A pair of white canvas shoes/trainers.

f. Two bed sheets and pillow cases.

g. A set of cutlery.

h. Toiletries.

Candidates who fail to report on 04 April 2018 will not be allowed to partake in the interview.