UNILAG Forensic Investigation & Criminal Intelligence Courses Admission Form - 2018

The University of Lagos Consultancy Services (UNILAG Consult) Professional Training Programme (Diploma/Advanced Diploma) in Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence for 2017/2018 Academic Session Begins.

University of Lagos Consultancy Services (UNILAG Consult) and International Academy of Forensics (IAF) in collaboration with the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP), USA offer specialised Professional Training Programme (Diploma/Advanced Diploma) in Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence.


  1. Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence
  2. Forensic Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering
  3. Forensic Accounting and Criminal Intelligence
  4. Forensic Psychology and Criminal Intelligence


Globally, crimes and criminal activities have become an enduring social problem. Thus, governments, society, organisations, and criminal justice system increasingly rely on professionals skilled in forensic investigation and criminal intelligence to help solve these menaces and prevent future criminal behaviours. However, in Nigeria, extant studies have provided evidence that: A wide gap exists between the supply of and demand for properly trained forensic and intelligence officers. A good number of the current crop of forensic practitioners do not possess the requisite knowledge to effectively function in the emerging field of specialisation,


Every investigation requires a unique roadmap. Thus, the aim of the programme is to train and equip participants with sound knowledge and deep understanding of a broad range of advances in Forensic Investigation, Criminal Intelligence, and Administration of Criminal Justice.


The Programme is designed to deliver a strong and credible groundwork that emphasises the practical aspects of scientific detection, investigation, prevention and control of crimes and criminal activities. It deals with crime allegations from inception to resolution, including obtaining indisputable evidence, interviewing and interrogation, presenting expert reports, evidence and testifying at trials.


The programme will raise participants’ level of critical thinking, curiosity and intellectual ability in crime detection, investigation, prevention and control. Its successful completion will provide the trainees with the requisite practitioner-based skills, understanding, and knowledge to effectively work and enhance their expertise in forensics, surveillance and intelligence gathering settings. The programme also facilitates direct certification in IICFIP.


The programme is designed with the following individuals in view:
  • Forensic Practitioners; Military, Para-military, Crime Investigation, & Intelligence Officers.
  • Law Enforcement Officers: Police, Custom, Immigration, & Correctional Officers, Civil Defence Corps, and other Security Officers.
  • Economic and Financial Crime Investigators; Fraud Examiners, Due Diligence and Compliance Officers; Auditors; Tax Fraud Examiners, Inspectors / Practitioners, and Consultants.
  • Government Officials; Business Executives, Finance Officers, Managers, and Investors.
  • Lawyers / Legal & Para-Legal Officers; Psychologists; Investigative Journalists / Reporters.
  • Researchers / Academics; Educationists / Counsellors; Human Resource Practitioners; Community & Religious Leaders.

Entry Requirements:

The following categories of people are eligible to apply for the Training:
  • Holders of relevant professional qualifications from recognised professional bodies.
  • Holders of university degrees / HND from recognised institutions.
  • Any other persons in management cadre / senior officers: Minimum of ten years work experience; Age not below thirty years; and Five ordinary level credit passes in any subjects (English language and Mathematics inclusive).
  • Graduating University Students (CGPA not below 2.50)
  • Holders of GCE Advanced Level, OND, NCE, Diploma or any other certificate from recognised higher institutions: Minimum of five years work experience; Age not below twenty-five years; and five ordinary level credit passes (English language and Mathematics inclusive).
Training Centre: Training Room, UNILAG Consult Building, by First Bank, DLI / ISL Roundabout, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos

Duration: Six (6) Months (Saturdays Only)

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Commencement Date: Saturday, 28 April, 2018

Application Fee: ₦10,000, obtainable at 2nd Floor, Unilag Consult Building.

Programme Fees: ₦300,000 (IICFIP Membership Fees not inclusive)

Bank Account Details: UNILAG Consult, A/C. No.: 2029937936, First Bank (Nigeria) Plc

On completion of the Training, Professional Diploma / Advanced Diploma Certificate will be jointly awarded by the UNILAG Consult and International Academy of Forensics (IAF) to successful participants; while IICFIP will award (optional) Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP) Certificate.

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