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The Last Days at Forcados High School by A.H. Mohammed Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Summary and Full Book Download in PDF for Prospective JAMB Direct Entry, DE Candidates 2020/2021 | Read Online Free.

Jimi Solade is the brightest star at the Elite Forcados High School. He has good looks, brains and is the captain of the football team. It's his last year in Senior Secondary, and together with his friends-the sweetheart and devout Nene and Ansa, the nerdy art genius - he's determined it's going to be his best year yet.

But Jimi rougue brother, Wole is back - which means trouble cant be far behind. Then there's Efua, the beautiful and mysterious new girl in class who seems to have no time for boys. And when Jimi's mother falls ill, he realizes that things are about to change - and not necessarily in a good way. Can the smooth and confident Jimi handle this tumidious final year, or will it be too much even for him.

A funny and brutal honest story about tolerance, self-discovery, family, friendship and life on the brink of adulthood

A.H. Mohammed was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Lagos and is currently a resident doctor at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH. 

The Last Days at Forcados High is his first book

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The room where Jimi Solade slept in belongs to his elder brother who had left home for some reasons.

Wole entered very early in the morning to wake Jimi unexpectedly –

Amazingly both were surprised to see each other again in that very long period.

They hugged lovingly and exchanged pleasantries that could transpire between brothers. The alarm cut their conversation which made Jimi got prepared for school, while Wole lied on the bed looking around the room feeling nostalgic about home. Jimi entering into the bathroom with the anxiety mixed with pleasures of seeing his brother again. Wole squeezed his arm highly to show a sign of I missed you. While Wole rummaged the room, his eyes fell on a wrist watch which was in the mid of Jimi’s CD’s and textbooks. Don’t touch my watch’ Jimi voice splattered at Wole not to touch the watch. He knew Wole for having zest for good things. Inherently, Wole expressed his mind of Jimi having to enjoy better things than he did. However Wole took some money from his brother drawer to keep body and soul, which Jimi was never bothered about.

Mother was in the kitchen with Risikat the house maid while, Wole sat on the cushion hung chair to watch early morning cartoons, Jimi ate moin – moin and brown pap for breakfast.

Mr. Solade woke up from his bed and came out with Kemi his wife name on his lips as he stumbled on one who greeted him ‘good morning, Papa’ – It’s Wole his Son whom he’d sent away from home since. He screamed in unfriendly manner which attracted Mrs. Solade from the kitchen to see whom had made his husband to be ranting that morning.

She tried to calm him down but rather he bust into fury the more Jimi knew at that stage his father is enraptured already in anger. As the father asked Wole to leave his house immediately without any complaints.

Mrs Solade shunted Kola to stop ranting and taking the issue to an extreme.

After several pleas to calm Mr. Solade he left them in the parlour after he’d affirmed his stand about Wole to leave his house. She slumped into a chair as Mrs. Solade was already exhausted and tired of the whole saga.

Wole didn’t feel too bad about the scenario that took place but rather he mentioned that’ he was not a serious man as he grimmed.

Mother promised to relate the matter to uncle Shola who could talk to him.

Jimi could not finish his breakfast because he lost appetite to do as he left the rest of the meal on the dining, ruminating about his father’s irrational behaviors he was unhappy. Outside the gate, he tried to listen if he would hear the buses or the  conductor standing in their usual way already. Someone call out his name from afar – its next door neighbour and school mate - Ansa  Izaegbegbe.


Jimi and Ansa were in school early before the assembly commenced. Jimi was one of the prefects in the school-At eight o’clock the head boy Seyi Lawal had started his duty to conduct the assembly which was quite fun for him. The school, Forcados High School had just resumed from the long holiday. The school holds great pride and honour because of the achievements, the alma mater had gained in several competitions.

The school was described with such modesty of a modern day edifice surrounded with beautiful flowers. The students were given a name as artificial; however, they had defeated other schools in assembly sessions of usual routine. Mr Mallun the principal, a stout and slim man with a day accent welcomed all the students and announced officially, the WAEC exam that was forthcoming. The students left the assembly in procession into their various classes as Jimi and Ansa had different moments with other classmates, sharing their past holiday experience with excitement. However, Ansa had a little attention as most students crowded round Jimi. The first days of term were always very cumbersome as same old faces showcased their new style of dressing, new phones and other things they could show off. Ansa detested the whole new secrecy as old, because he had returned to the same ugly moments in class; especially people like Okoro the gorilla, the disturbing teacher Mr. Bade nicknamed as Cane. who always find fault with students and willing to flog at any slight mistake, the musical hip-hop group ‘Rhymers’, Eze the die-hard contestant with Jimi in Chemistry class and the nicknamed Queen bee who is Caro Jimi’s girlfriend.

Jimi was exceptionally loved by all apart from being good in his academics, he was also a toast when it comes to sporting activities in school. Ansa took pride in him that he boasts of him. The only thing Ansa could do is to paint. He possesses diverse talents with his friend Jimi. One of their friends lived in the same street with them she’s known as Nene Ekpo. a plump girl with short plaits that makes her have a round face.

Nana greeted Ansa and shared a secret she’s earnest napped about the new girl Efua who’s street a stone thrown to their houses that the new girl joins the SS3 students soon.

After school Jimi relaxes behind a block of class rooms, an empty class where he eases off the tension that has encumbered him lately.

The thought of his brother Wole entered him and several moments they had shared together, especially times they stored against their eldest brother Femi. The changes that has taken over Wole baffle him to sore that he wonder what may be of him soon after all Wole has passed through in hairs expulsion from the university, his waywardness the last time he visited by forging father’s sign at me to his account as he made away with some huge amount of money. He resolved in his mind that nothing would bother him anymore as he has a lot face with in the future. While he’s in that thought something jostled him abruptly which is the head boy summoning him for perfects meeting with the principal at his office.

As they were about to enter the principal office they stumbled into two persons – an old woman dressed in a native attire and the other a young lady who had an unexplainable look not wearing uniform. Seyi asked Jimi who are they? Don’t know – Jimi muttered.


There’re two people in a bobbling taxi car the girl Efua is of a gentle behavior while her mother complains throughout their journey until they get to a grey building, where funmi’s mother lived. She’s also moni the aunt to Efua. The mother came to drop her with his sister and promised to send a cheque for her to keep. However aunt Moni has discusses nothing important to her than forcados high school and those are affiliates to it like Nene Ekpo daughter of Pastor Ekpo.

Efua is whereby accepted to stay with her aunty.

Later on the day Nene and her mother visited Efua’s place where they were introduced to each other by Aunty moni, They get to know each other. Efua is a science student while Nene is commercial student. Afterwards they heard the girls’ talk about several other things.

The next day Jimi carried out his duties on the assembly the new girl is on the assembly with nene watching the razzmatazz of Jimi as he prowl round the lines. Who is that girl – Jimi asked Ansa.

Eventually, Efua met with the boys who are inquisitive about her arrival.

The academic activity for the day as been lovely except for the first class where Mr bade barked at her, however she becomes a thing for question by other teachers too. Amongst  the teacher is the middle  age woman who teaches Maths .they seem to detest Efua because they believe new intakes would however the result of the school A bird brain  .she’s summoned to Mr mallums office for question . it’s not easy to accept you the principal said Efua is a brilliant student .the straight A type she mistook for spoilt child the principal .the principal looked intenth at her after much discussion, you are under probation she left the principal’s office quietly as she discarded the gently behavior .she baffled at Mr mallums investigative by consult her former principal Mrs Obange, she ruminate over all that has happened to her in Abuja, her waywardness and all attitudes she took part in overtime she burst into tears .


Jimi returned from school to meet his father in a surely mood- he’s looking for his briefcase. He lost his appetite on the verge.

Not too long Mrs Solade came out with the briefcase. Mr Solade muttered that or maybe he did and you’ve covering up for him” Jimi unconsciously spoke for his mother. Don’t talk to her like that. He uttered. Mr Solade pick up on him furiously. Mrs. Solade pleaded for him. The father stormed out with parts words – you see all of them ….. Bad!

Jimi was happy that good riddance to bad things. Not too long, saw the parents through window flirting with each other Wole came home after Mr. Solade had left.

With the intention to catch from with his brother which later culminated to going out to have some fun, they ended up at a dead end street with several uncompleted buildings where Jimi witnesses the unexpected at the expense of his decency and good habits. Although, he’s been in bad mood throughout the day.

At the bar, Jimi decided to behave like a coded man’ however, trying to cover up his nervousness that the ugly face and dread lock man has seen and capitalizes on to make Jimi get drunk. While the men ensured that the brothers be soaked with alcohol to the extreme, there are whores in the corner. The Rat – face man worsened the saturation when he introduces – Indian hemp. However, Wole has lost himself in the fun of the moments Jimi just went not when the uniformed men invaded the spot. Jimi escaped the raid of the uniformed men by a slim chance. After mid night Wole came home with confidence like a hero who returned from war. He went to where Jimi’s jeans is hang and pulled out a packed of marijuana which amazes Jimi to worry.


Efua alone in her sacred room writing .where she turn into a world of her own. there she nostalgic about her formal; school St Catherine .little diary where she scripted her mind .At school every male student find her attractive while students nick names her (a witch) because of the way she decides to appears in dealing with other .

Jimi has eyed her several turns that she ignored him .he took bow step to approach her –yet she snobs him .Jimi tried to attack her and she reacted in a way that made her exchange hot words with Jimi .After which Mr vann the physics teacher entered the class .In the class Jimi answer the question brilliant that also poked efua to jealousy.

Jolly is one of the rude boy in school who saw Efua and tried to hold her ---- eventually they had harsh agreement that made them face off.Nene approached her later and advised her about having clash with Jolly who is one of the unpleasant boys .as Nene and efua passed by they come across caro and Jimi the lover arguing in a hissing tone --- the duo have been getting on since class two .Nene wonder how they both get along for her she dislike caro a lot .Nene and Efua also shared a little talk about Jimi .as they did talk and walked passed Jimi stared at them while he joined Bayo at the football pitch.

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