NSUK List of Approved Postgraduate Courses 2020/2021

Nasarawa State University (NSUK) Keffi School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) Approved List of  Postgraduate (Ph.D, M.Phil./Ph.D, M.Sc, PGD) Courses Offered for 2020/2021 Academic Session.

The management of the Nasarawa State University (NSUK) Keffi has released the following postgraduate programmes for the 2020/2021 academic session admission exercise.

Kindly find below the full list of courses offered by the Postgraduate School of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi.
RECOMMENDED: NSUK Postgraduate Form 2020/2021 [How to Apply].


1. Faculty of Administration

Department of Accounting
Ph.D, M.Phil./Ph.D., M.Sc, Public Sector Accounting, Master in Accounting and Finance
Department of Banking & Finance
Ph.D, M.Sc, PGD,
Department of Business Administration
Ph.D, M.Phil/Ph.D, M.Sc, MBA (Accounting), MBA (Finance), MBA (Entrepreneurship),
MBA (General), MBA (Human Resource Management), MBA (Management), MBA
(Marketing), MBA (Management Information System), PGD.
Department of Entrepreneurship
Department of Public Administration
Ph.D, M.Phil/Ph.D, M.Sc, MPA (General), MPA (Local Government Administration), MPA
(Management), MPA (Personnel Administration), MPA (Public Policy Analysis), PGD.

2. Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension
Ph.D Agricultural Economics, M.Sc Agricultural Economics, M.Sc Agricultural Extension,
PGD Agric Economics & Extension, PGD Agric Economics & Extension Farm Management.
Department of Agronomy
Ph.D Crop Protection, Ph.D Crop Science, Ph.D Soil Science, M.Phil/Ph.D Crop Science,
M.Sc Crop Protection, M.Sc Crop Science, M.Sc Soil Science, PGD Agronomy (Soil Fertility
&Management Option), PGD Agronomy (Soil & Water Management Option), PGD Agronomy (Crop Product Option), PGD Agronomy (Crop Science Option).
Department of Animal Science
Ph.D., M.Sc, PGD
Department of Fisheries
Ph.D. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Aquaculture), Ph.D. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Fish Nutrition), Ph.D. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Fisheries  Management & Conservation), Ph.D Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Fish Breeding & Larviculture), Ph.D. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Fish Gear Technology), M.Sc.
Aquaculture & Fisheries Management, PGD Aquaculture & Fisheries Management.
Department of Home Science & Management
Ph.D. Home Science & Management (Clothing & Textile), Ph.D. Home Science & Management (Food & Nutrition), Ph.D. Home Science & Management (Consumer Education & Consumer Behaviour), Ph.D. Home Science & Management (Child Development), M.Sc Home Science & Management, PGD Home Science & Management (Consumer Education & Consumer Behaviour), PGD Home Science & Management (Clothing & Textile), PGD Home Science & management (Food & Nutrition), PGD Home Science & Management (Child Development).

3. Faculty of Arts

Department of Arabic
Ph.D. Arabic, M.Phil/Ph.D. Arabic, M.A. Arabic.
Department of English
Ph.D. English, Ph.D. Literature in English, M.Phil/Ph.D. English, M.A. English, M.A.
Literature in English, PGD English Language, PGD Literature in English.
Department of French
Ph.D. French (French Language & Linguistics), Ph.D. French (African Literature in French),
Ph.D French (Comparative Literature), M.Phil/Ph.D. French, M.A. French (Literature), M.A.
French (Language), PGD French.
Department of History
Ph.D. History, M.A. History
Department of Islamic Studies
Ph.D. Islamic Studies, M.Phil/Ph.D. Islamic Studies, M.A. Islamic Studies, PGD Islamic Studies.
Department of Linguistics
Ph.D. Linguistics, M.A. Linguistics.
Department of Philosophy &Religious Studies
Ph.D. Biblical Studies (New Testament), Ph.D. Church History, Ph.D. Philosophy & Ethics,
Ph.D. Biblical Studies (Old Testament), Ph.D. Religious Studies, M.Phil/Ph.D. Religious
Studies (Biblical Studies), M.A. African Traditional Religion, M.A. Biblical Studies (New
Testament), M.A. Church History, M.A. Philosophy & Ethics, M.A. Religious Studies, M.A.
Sociology of Religion.
Department of Theatre Arts & Cultural Studies
Ph.D. Theatre Arts, M.Phil/Ph.D. Film & Media Arts, M.Phil/Ph.D. Cultural Policy &
Management, M.Phil/Ph.D. Development Communication, M.A. Film & Media Arts, PGD
Cultural Administration, M.A. Cultural Policy & Management, M.A. Development
Communication, M.A. Theatre Arts, PGD Development Communication, , PGD Theatre Arts.

4. Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Ph.D. Biochemistry, M.Phil/Ph.D. Biochemistry, M.Sc Biochemistry, PGD Biochemistry.
Department of Microbiology
Ph.D. Microbiology, Ph.D. Food & Industrial Microbiology, Ph.D. Environmental
Microbiology, Ph.D. Medical Microbiology, M.Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology, M.Sc.
Environmental Microbiology, M.Sc. Medical Microbiology, M.Sc. Microbiology, PGD Microbiology.
Department of Plant Science & Biotechnology
Ph.D. Plant Genetics & Breeding, Ph.D. Plant Science and Breeding, M.Sc. Plant Genetics &
Breeding, PGD Biodiversity & Conservation Management
Department of Zoology
Ph.D. Zoology (Applied Hydrobiology & Fisheries), Ph.D. Zoology (Applied Entomology &
Parasitology), M.Sc. Zoology (Applied Hydrobiology & Fisheries), M.Sc. Zoology (Applied
Entomology & Parasitology).
Department of Chemistry
Ph.D. Industrial Chemistry, Ph.D. Chemistry, M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry,
PGD Chemistry.
Department of Geology & Mining
Ph.D. Geology (Mineral Exploration), Ph.D. Geology, (Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology),
M.Phil/Ph.D. Geology (Sedimentary/Petroleum Geology), M.Phil/Ph.D. Geology
(Engineering/Hydrogeology), M.Phil/Ph.D. Geology (Mineral Exploration), M.Phil/Ph.D.
Geology (Environmental Geology), M.Sc. Environmental Geology, M.Sc. Geology and
Mining (Engineering Geology/Hydrogeology), M.Sc. Mineral Exploration, M.Sc.
Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology, PGD Geology and Mining.
Department of Computer Science
Ph.D. Computer Science, M.Phil/Ph.D. Computer Science, M.Sc. Computer Science
(Networking), M.Sc. Computer Science (Database Management), M.Sc. Computer Science
(Database/Information System), M.Sc. Computer Science (Information Security), M.Sc.
Computer Science (Software Engineering), PGD Computer Science.
Department of Mathematical Science
Ph.D. Mathematics, Ph.D. Mathematics (Pure), M.Phil/Ph.D. Mathematics, M.Sc.
Mathematics (Pure), M.Sc. Mathematics (Applied),
Department of Statistics
Ph.D. Statistics, M.Phil/Ph.D. Statistics, M.Sc. Statistics, PGD Statistics.
Department of Physics
Ph.D. Physics (Plasma), Ph.D. Physics (Theoretical & Solid State), Ph.D. Physics
(Theoretical & Solid State), Ph.D. Physics (Theoretical & Mathematics), Ph.D. Physics
(Radiation & Medical), Ph.D. Physics (Geophysics), Ph.D. Physics (Electronics &
Communication), M.Phil./Ph.D. Physics (Electronics & Communication) M.Sc. Physics
(Geophysics), M.Sc. Physics (Plasma), M.Sc. Physics (Electronics & Communication), M.Sc.
Physics (Theoretical & Mathematics), M.Sc. Physics (Radiation & Medical), M.Sc. Physics
(Theoretical & Solid State), PGD Physics (Geophysics), PGD Physics (Theoretical & Solid
State), PGD Physics (Radiation & Medical), PGD Physics (Electronics & Communication).

5. Faculty of Law

Department of Law
Ph.D. Law, M.Phil/Ph.D. Law, Masters of Law,LLM (Law and Government), LLM (Taxation
Law and Policy), LLM (Energy and Natural Resources Law), LLM (Intellectual Property
Law and Policy), LLM (Entertainment and Sports Law), LLM (Law Enforcement and
Administration), LLM (Communications and Information Technology Law), LLM (Secuirty
Law and Policy), LLM (Law of Alternative Dispute Resolution), LLM (Investment Law and
Policy), LLM (Constitutional and Human Rights Law), LLM (Law of Banking and Finance),
LLM (Corporate Governance and Finance Law), LLM (Islamic Banking and Finance), LLM
(International Maritime Law) LLM (Law), PGD in Refugee & International Humanitarian
Law, PGD in Arbitration.

6. Faculty of Education

Department of Educational Foundation
Ph.D. Curriculum Studies, Ph.D. Measurement & Evaluation, Ph.D. Philosophy & Ethics,
Ph.D. Educational Admin & Planning, Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Ph.D. Philosophy of
Education, Ph.D. Sociology of Education, M.Phil/Ph.D. Measurement & Evaluation,
M.Phil./Ph.D. Educational Admin & Planning, M.Phil./Ph.D. Guidance & Counselling,
M.Phil./Ph.D. Sociology of Education, M.Phil./Ph.D. Educational Psychology, M.Phil./Ph.D.
Philosophy of Education, M.Phil./Ph.D. Curriculum Studies, M.Ed. Educational Admin &
Planning, M.Ed. Curriculum Studies, M.Ed. Philosophy of Education, M.Ed. Guidance &
Counselling, M.Ed. Measurement & Evaluation, M.Ed. Educational Psychology, M.Ed.
Sociology of Education, Master in Educational Planning and Management (Part Time).
Department of Science & Technology Mathematics Education
Ph.D. Science Education, Ph.D. Mathematics Education, M.Phil/Ph.D. Mathematics
Education, M.Phil/Ph.D. Science Education, M.Ed. Mathematics Education, M.Ed. Science

7. Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics
Ph.D. Economics,M.Phil/Ph.D. Economics, M.Sc. Economics, PGD Economics
Department of Mass Communication
Ph.D. Mass Communication, M.Sc. Mass Communication, PGD Mass Communication.
Department of Political Sciences
Ph.D. Political Science (Political Economy & Development Studies), Ph.D. Political Science
(Public Policy Analysis), Ph.D. Political Science (International Relations), M.Phil./Ph.D.
Political Science, M.Sc. Political Science (International Relations), M.Sc. Political Science
(Political Economy & Development Studies), M.Sc. Political Science (Public Policy
Analysis), PGD Political Science (Political Economy & Development Studies), PGD Political
Science (Public Policy Analysis), PGD Political Science (International Relations).
Department of Psychology
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. Psychology (Forensic/Correctional Psychology), Ph.D.
Industrial Organizations Psychology, M.Sc. Forensic/Correctional Psychology, M.Sc. Clinical
Psychology, M.Sc. Psychology (Industrial/Organizational Psychology), PGD Psychology.
Department of Sociology
Ph.D. Sociology, M.Phil/Ph.D. Sociology, M.Sc. Sociology, PGD Sociology.

8. Faculty of Environmental Science

Department of Geography
Ph.D. Geography (Climatology), Ph.D. Geography (Environmental Resource Management),
Ph.D. Geography (Geomorphology), M.Phil./Ph.D. Geography, M.Sc. Geography
(Climatology), M.Sc. Geography (Environmental Resource Management), M.Sc. Geography
(Geomorphology), M.Sc. Geography (Geographic Information System), Master in
Environmental Resource Management, Master in Urban & Regional Planning, M.Sc. Urban
& Regional Planning, PGD Geography (Climatology), PGD Environmental Resource
Management, PGD Land Administration, PGD Disaster Management, PGD Urban &
Regional Planning.

9. Institute of Governance

Security & Strategic Studies
Ph.D. Security & Strategic Studies, M.Phil/Ph.D. Security & Strategic Studies, M.Sc.
Security & Strategic Studies, PGD Security & Strategic Studies.
Peace & Conflict Studies
Ph.D. Peace & Conflict Studies, M.Sc. Peace & Conflict Studies, PGD Peace & Conflict
Studies, Forensic Studies
M.Sc. Forensic Investigation (Forensic Accounting & Auditing), M.Sc. Forensic Investigation
(Digital Forensic).
Law & Corporate Governance,
Master in Law & Corporate Governance,
Procurement Studies
Master in Public Procurement

10. Institute of Education

PGD Educational Administration & Planning, PGD Education, PGD Guidance &Counselling.

11. Centre for Cyberspace

Master in Cyber Security.