NSUK [SPS] Pre-Degree & IJMB Admission Form 2021/2022

Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) School of Preliminary Studies [SPS] Pre-Degree/Remedial & IJMB Admission Form, Courses, Subjects Combinations, Application Procedures and Deadline for 2021/2022 Academic Session.

Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates for the following Pre-Degree programmes offered by School of Preliminary and Remedial Studies of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

Recommended: NSUK [CCS] Part-Time Degree Admission Form.

Available Programmes


  • Eligible candidates must possess a minimum of five (5) credits including English language, Mathematics and three other subjects relevant to the candidates' desired course of study in the University obtained at not more than two (s) settings. 


  • Eligible candidates must possess a minimum of three (3) credits in any of the basic O'Level subjects of Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences. 
  • Candidates are expected to sit for Jamb to qualify for admission into degree programme in addition to remedy their O'Level of five (5) credits including English and Mathematics. 

Note that the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) is a one year (12 months) programme in Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences which prepares successful candidates for admission into 200 level of the degree programme(s) of Nasarawa State University, Keffi and other Universities in Nigeria through Direct Entry. 

The available subjects combination and possible undergraduate courses are as follows:


1.004Acct, Bus. Mgt, A/L MathsAcct, Bus Admin, PA, BAF, MK
2.005Acct, Bus. Mgt., EconsAcct, Bus Admin, Econs, PA, BAF, MK
3.007Acct, Bus. Mgt., GovtAcct, Bus Admin, PA, BAF, MK
4.009Acct, Econs, Geog.Acct, Bus Admin, Econs, PA, BAF, MK,  URP
5.011Acct, Econs, GovtAcct, Bus Admin, Econs, BAF, MK,  MC
6.013Acct, Geog, A/L MathsAcct, Bus Admin, Geog, PA, BAF, MK, URP
7.014Acct, Geog, Govt.Acct, Bus Admin, Geog, PA, BAF, MK
8.016Acct, Govt, A/L MathsAcct, Bus Admin, PA, BAF, MK
9.017Acct. Govt. SociologyAcct, Bus Admin, Sociol, Pol. Sci. Inter. Studies, PA, MC, BAF, MK
10.021Arabic Govt. Islamic Stud.Pol. Sci, Inter. Studies; MC, Single Honours
11.023Arabic Hausa, Islamic Stud. Single Honours
12025Arabic History, Islamic StudLaw, Pol. Sci., Inter. Studies Archaeology, Single Honours
13.027Biol, Chem., A/L MathsMedicine, vet. Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochem Microbiology, Agric. Sci, Single Honours
14.028Biol, Chem., GeogAgric. Sci, Archaeology, Biochem, Microbiology, Physiology
15.029Biol, Chem., Geology Single Honours, Bioche, Microbiology, Textile Sci. Physiology, Agric. Sci, Archaeology.
16.030Biol, Chem., Physics Medicine, Vet. Medicine, Agric. Sci. Engineering, Textile Sci. & Tech. Pharmacy, Biochem, Geophysics, Agric. Sci. Archaeology, Microbiology,
17.031Bus Mgt, Econs, A/L MathsBus. Admin, Econs, Acct, URP, BAF, MK
18.033Bus Mgt, Econs, Govt.Bus. Admin, Pol. Sci. Inter. Studies, PA; Econs, MC Acct, BAF, MK
19.034Bus Mgt, Econs, SociologyBus. Admin, Acct, PA, BAF
20.036Bus Mgt, Geog, GovtPA, Bus. Admin, Acct, BAF, MK
21.038Bus Mgt, Govt, SociologyBus. Admin, PA, Sociology, Pol. Sci. Inter. Studies, MK, Acct, BAF
22.039Chem., Geog, A/L MathsEnvl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology, Agric. Sci, Textile Sci.
23.040Chem., Geog, PhysicsEnvl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology, Agric. Sci, Textile Sci.
24.041Chem, Geology, A/L MathsEnvl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology, Agric. Sci, Textile Sci.
25.042Chem., Geology, PhysicsEnvl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology, Agric. Sci, Textile Sci., Single Honours
26.043Chem., Physics, A/L MathsEngr., Textile Sci., Envl. Sci, Comp. Sci., Agric. Sci. Geophysics
27.045CRS, Govt. LitSingle Honours; Law, PA, Pol. Sci, Inter. Studies, MC
28.047CRS, Hausa, LitSingle Honours, Law
29.048CRS, History, LitSingle Honours; Law, MC, Pol. Sci, Inter. Studies,
30.049Econs, Geog, A/L MathsEnvl. Sci, URP, Single Honours, Acct, BAF, PA, MK
31.050Econs, Geog, GovtURP, Acct, PA, BAF, MK, MC, Single Honours
32.052Econs, Govt, A/L MathsPA, Pol. Sci, Inter. Studies, Econs, MC, Acct, BAF, Single Honours
33.060Geog. Govt, A/L MathsEnvl. Sci, Pol Sci, Inter. Studies, Geog, PA
34.061Geog. Govt, SociologyURP, Sociology, PA, Pol. Sci, Geog, Inter Studies
35.063Geog. Physics, A/L MathsSingle honours, Envl. Sci, Engr. (not Chemical Engr) Comp. Sci, Quantity Survey, Geophysics
36.064Geology Physics, A/L MathsSingle Honours, Envl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology (Ibadan) Comp. Sci, Geophysics
37.066Govt, Islamic Stud, LitSingle Honours, PA, Pol. Sci, Inter Studies, Law, Archaeology, MC
38.068Hausa, Islamic Stud, HistorySingle Honours, PA, Pol. Sci, Inter Studies
39.070History, Islamic Stud, LitSingle Honours, Inter Studies PA, Pol. Sci, MC, Law, Archaeology
40.071Sociology, Arabic, Lit.Single Honours, Law, MC

  • PA - Public Administration 
  • BAF - Banking and Finance 
  • MC - Mass Communication 
  • MK - Marketing 
  • URP - Urban and Regional Planning 


The school also offers a one (1) year remedial programme in French for beginners who intend to pursue their career in French.

This category of candidates are expected to remedy their 0/L and secure five (5) credits including mathematics and English Language and French in addition to scoring the required cut-off point in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination to qualify for admission into 100 level French Programme.

Method of Application 

Application forms are available at www.forms.nsuk.edu.ng which can be accessed and complete upon payment of non-refundable fee of N5,500.00 on the remita platform.


Sale of Forms will close six (6) weeks from the date of this publication (30th September, 2021). Successful Candidates will be notified by e-mail.