IAUE Full List of Approved Postgraduate Courses 2022/2023
Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE), School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) Full List of Available Postgraduate Courses/Programmes Offered for 2022/2023 Academic Session | Full-Time, Part-Time & Postgraduate.
Authorities of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE), School of Postgraduate Studies, has published the full list of approved Postgraduate programmes offered by the institution for the 2022/2023 academic session on FULL-TIME, PART-TIME and LONG VACATIONS basis.

IAUE Full List of Approved Postgraduate Courses for 2022/2023 Session


Department of Accounting (PGD, MSc, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Financial Accounting
  • Public Finance
  • Taxation

Department of Management (PGDr MSc, Mphil/PhD and PhD)

  • Entrepreneurship Studies
  • Human Resource Management Industrial Relations
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Production Management
Department of Marketing (PGD, MSc, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Marketing
Department of Office and Information Management (PGD, MSc, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Office and Information Management


Department of Curriculum Studies and Instructional Technology (MEd, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Adult Education
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Educational Technology
  • Language Education
  • Science Education
Department of Educational Foundations (MEd, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • History and Policy of Education
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Sociology of Education
Department of Educational Management (MEd, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Administration of Higher Education
  • Economics of Education
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Leadership and Policy
  • Educational Planning
Department of Primary Education Studies (MEd, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Primary Education
Department of Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counselling (MEd, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Educational Psychology
  • Guidance and Counselling Measurement and Evaluation
  • Special Education
Department of Library and Information Studies (PGDL, MLS, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Library and Information Science


Department of English and Communication Art (PGD, MA, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Communication
  • Language
  • Literature
Department of Fine and Applied Arts (PGD, MA, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Art Education
  • Art History
  • Ceramics and Textile Design
  • Graphic Design and Art Education
  • Metal Design
  • Painting Sculpture
Department of French and International Studies (PGD, MA, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • African Literature
  • French Language/Linguistics
  • French Literature Translation Studies
Department of Religious and Cultural Studies (PGD, MA, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • African Traditional Religion
  • Biblical Studies
  • Church History
  • Comparative religion
  • Sociology of religion
Department of History and Diplomatic Studies (PGD, MA, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • African History
  • Diplomacy and International Relations
  • History and International Relations
  • Political and Social History
Department of Music (PGD, MA, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • African Music
  • Conducting and Music Directing
  • Music Education
  • Music Performance
  • Theory and Composition


Department of Biology (PGD, MSc, Mphil/PhD and PhD)
  • Entmology and Pest Management
  • Environmental Biology
  • Environmental Parasitology
  • Food and Industrial Microbiology
  • Hydrobiology and Fisheries
  • Plant Ecology
  • Plant Physiology
Department of Chemistry (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
Department of Computer Science (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
Department of Human Kinetics, Health and Safety Studies (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Community Health
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Psychology of Sports and Coaching Science
  • Rehabilitative Therapy
  • Reproductive Health
  • Sports Administration and Marketing
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sociology of Sports
Department of Integrated Science (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Basic and Environmental Science
  • Basic Interpretations
Department of Mathematics and Statistics (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
Department of Physics (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Applied Geophysics
  • Environmental and Radiation Physics
  • Solid State Physics/Electronics
  • Theoretical Physics


Department of Economics (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Developmental Economics/Planning Environmental Economics International Economics
  • Monetary Economics
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies Environmental Management
  • Geomorphology
  • Regional Development Planning
  • Rural Development and Resource Management
Department of Sociology (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Criminology and Security Studies
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Sociology of Development
  • Social Works and Social Welfare Administration
Department of Political Science (PGD, MSc, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Developmental Studies
  • International Relations
  • Local Government Administration
  • Politics and Governance
  • Political Theory
  • Public Administration


Department of Agriculture
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Education
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Agronomy
  • Animal Production
  • Crop Science Fisheries and Aquaculture Soil Science
Department of Home Economics and Hospitality Management (PGD, MSc, MSc.Ed Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Clothing and Textile
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Home Management
  • Human and Family Development
Department of Industrial Technical Education (PGD, MSc, MSc. Ed, Mphii/PhD and PhD)
  • Automobile Technology
  • Building Technology
  • Electrical/Electronics Technology
  • Mechanical Technology

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