20th Anniversary: History of CowbellOurMilk & Mathematics (1998 - 2018)

VIDEO: COWBELLPEDIA 20th Anniversary: Brief History and Overview of CowbellOurMilk and Mathematics from a Lagos State only Initiative in 1998 to a Nationwide Competition in 2001.

As part of the 20th anniversary of Cowbellpedia, we take a look at how far CowbellOurMilk and Mathematics have come. From a Lagos State only initiative in 1998 to a nationwide competition in 2001.

Cowbell Milk has touched and changed lives with Cowbellpedia.

Cowbellpedia: Brief History of CowbellOurMilk & Mathematics (1998 - 2018)

For 20 years Promasidor the makers of cowbell our milk have been at the forefront of encouraging the study of mathematics among secondary school students in Nigeria. With the advent of COWBELLPEDIA Secondary Schools Mathematics TV quiz show that helps discover the best mathematics students in Nigeria.

The interest in mathematics has surged and thousands of lives have been positively affected by this loadable initiated from a Lagos State only initiated in 1998 to a national competition in 2001.

The initiative gained a global outlook with the introduction of Cowbellpedia Secondary Schools Mathematics TV Quiz Show in 2015 where students who qualified to the stage 2 of the competition are exposed to an ultra modern high tech studio quiz format to battle it out for the annual most coveted future Inventor Award.

With the introduction of Cowbellpedia enrollment of participants increased to over 50,000 by the year 2017.

In 2018 initiated parted ways with manual registration by going into full automation with all participants registering online for the competition.

To lend credence to the activities of the initiative, The National Examination Council NECO was brought in to oversee the generation of questions administration and release of results of the stage 1 written examination.

While UNICEF gave support to the project for encouraging the girl child education initiative which led to the introduction of the compulsory registration of at least two girls from each participating mixed school.

Teachers are also not left out in the yearly activities of the Cowbellpedia initiative as a special Teachers episode was created for the teachers of the finalists were the best teacher of the year in the junior and senior category emerges from this celebration.

This episode is transmitted yearly to coincide with the World's Teachers Day.

With an annual cash prize money of over 30 million Naira and other incentives has made students, teachers, parents and schools see Promasidor as an organization that cares about the future of Nigerian students through Cowbellpedia cowbell milk fortified with the goodness of vital rich and vitamin B9 has not only been Nourishing students and their teachers but has also empowered them and changed their lives positively forever Through its kindness.