MTU Recommended & Prohibited Items in Hall of Residence
Mountain Top University (MTU) List of Items Recommended and Prohibited in Hostels, Hall of Residence and Inside the School Campus.

Mountain Top University, MTU has published the list of items accepted or rejected inside the school campus or hostels for all students of the institution.

Mountain Top University (MTU) Recommended Items in Hall of Residence

This is to inform all the students of the Mountain Top University (MTU) that they are expected to come along with some items that may provide minimum comfort and stress-free stay in the hall of residence.

The following items are strongly recommended.
1. Pillow
2. Pillow Cases
3. Blanket
4. Bed sheet – 4″ x 7″
5. Mosquito Net
6. Set of Plastic Cutlery
7. Plastic Buckets
8. Padlock
9. Torchlight and Batteries
10. Hangers
11. School Bag
12. Raincoat or Umbrella
13. Toiletries
14. Reading Lamp
15. Laptop PC
16. Feeding/upkeep Allowance
17. Writing materials

Mountain Top University Prohibited Items in Hall of Residence or Campus

The following items are prohibited in the Halls of Residence and anywhere on the Campus of Mountain Top University, and shall not be found in the possession of a student of the University.

1. Indian Hemp/Cigarettes
2. Charms or fetish objects of any kind
3. Hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin and other illicit drugs
4. Alcoholic drinks
5. Lethal weapons (guns, bullets, explosives, etc) or injections
6. Bottle, knives, fork
7. Fireworks (knock-out) of any kind
8. Inflammables and open flame including kerosene lamp, gas, candles, matches, lighter.
9. Cooking utensils such as hot plates, rice cookers, toasters, micro waves, electric boiling ring, saucepans, and blenders.
10. Electrical appliances and electronics such as refrigerators, grillers, hair dryers, straighteners, TV sets, Video machines, tapes, DVD and VCD players, Computer game (play station), TV card, antennas.
11. Any items meant for sale or business activities.
12. Raw food items.
13. Jeans, chinos, corduroy and diabolic materials.
14. Ungodly musical tapes, CDs, and mobile phones.
15. Weight or shot put.
16. Condom and contraceptives
17. All forms of cult-related materials as bracelets, amulets, talisman, occultic rings, waist beads, bands, etc.
18. Materials that have diabolical connotations.
19. Unconventional clothing materials carrying inexplicable signs and symbols.
20. Signs and emblems of known cults or secret societies/organizations in
other Universities/Institutions in Nigeria or elsewhere.
21. Body signs such as incisions, lacerations/cuts, piercing/perforations of parts of the body, strange shaping of beards/haircut, etc.
22. Other contraband