Fed Poly Bida Academic Calendar 2019/2020 [APPROVED]

Federal Polytechnic, Bida [FEDPOBIDA] Adjusted Academic Calendar Schedule for First (1st), Second (2nd) Semester 2019/2020 Academic Session [APPROVED]

Authorities of the Federal Polytechnic, Bida has released the adjusted academic calendar schedule of events of first semester for the 2019/2020 academic session.

Federal Polytechnic Bida Academic Calendar Schedule 2019/2020 [PROPOSED]



  • Wednesday 21st                School resumes for Academic Activities
  • Wednesday 21st                Registration for all Students commences
  • Thursday 22nd                    SIWES Students to download new SIWES letters and continue their programme
  • Thursday 22nd                    Submission of applications for registration/renewal of Associations and CIubs to Students Affairs Office
  • Monday 26th                       All 2017/2018 HND II & ND II to submit their Projects
  • Saturday 31st                      All project defense to be completed on or before October 31st, 2020


  • Monday 2nd                        Lecture begins for all Students except SIWES Students
  • Monday 23rd                      Departmental Result Scrutiny Committee meets to consider results
  • Wednesday 25th               Departmental Board Meeting


  • Tuesday 1st                         School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Saturday 5th                        End of SIWES
  • Monday 7th                         Lectures begins for SIWES students
  • Monday 7th                         Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 8th                         School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Wednesday 9th                  Statutory Academic Board Meeting
  • Thursday 10th                     Meeting of JAMB Admission Screening Committee
  • Friday 18th                           Christmas Break


  • Monday 4th                         Resumption from Christmas Break
  • Monday 4th                         Online Registration begins for 2020/2021 HND 1 & ND I (new Students)
  • Tuesday 5th                         Departmental Board Meeting
  • Wednesday 6th                  School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Tuesday 12th                       Registration of Post Semester begins
  • Wednesday 13th               Statutory Academic Board Meeting
  • Sunday 24th                         All newly admitted Students HND I & ND 1 (2020/2021 Academic Session) arrive Campus
  • Monday 25th                       Lecture begins for HND I and ND 1 (2020/2021) Students


  • Monday 1st                         Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 2nd                        School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Wednesday 3rd                 Statutory Academic Board Meeting
  • Monday 8th                         Departmental Orientation
  • Tuesday 9th                         School Orientation
  • Wednesday 10th               Polytechnic Orientation
  • Friday 12th                           Matriculation Ceremony for all 2019/2020 & 2020/2021 newly admitted Students (HNDI & ND I)
  • Saturday 13th                      End of lectures for HND II & ND II for 2018/2019 Students
  • Monday 15th                       First Semester Examination commences

MARCH 2021

  • Saturday 6th                        End of First Semester Examinations
  • Monday 8th                         Post Semester Examination commences
  • Saturday 13th                      End of Post Semester Examinations

APRIL 2021

  • Saturday 17th                      End of lectures for Students for HND I & ND I 2020/2021 Session
  • Monday 19th                       First Semester Examination commences for HND I & ND I 2020/2021 Session
  • Friday 30th                           End of First Semester Examination for HND 1 & ND I 2020/2021 Session


MAY 2021

  • Sunday 9th                           All returning Students arrive on Campus
  • Wednesday 12th               Lecture begins for all returning Students
  • Thursday 13th                     Academic Board Business and Scrutiny Committee Meeting
  • Monday 17th                       Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 18th                       School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Wednesday 19th               Statutory Academic Board Meeting
  • Wed 26-Sat 29th                                Sports Fiesta
  • Monday 31st                       Registration of Post Semester begins

JUNE 2021

  • Monday 14th                       Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 15th                       School Board of Studies Meeting
  • Wednesday 16th               Statutory Academic Board Meeting

JULY 2021

  • Saturday 4th                        End of Lectures for all Students
  • Mon 26-Sat 31st                 CBT/Practical Examination begins


  • Monday 2nd                        Second Semester Examination begins
  • Saturday 21st                      End of Second Semester Examinations
  • Monday 23rd                      Post Semester Examination begins
  • Saturday 28th                      End of Post Semester Examinations
  • Monday 30th                       SIWES commences for concerned Students