WAEC Original Certificate Collection Fee Guidelines | May/June & GCE

West African Examination Council (WAEC) Original Certificates Collection Fee, Requirements and Guidelines of Issuance School Candidates (WAEC May/June) and Private Candidates (Nov/Dec GCE) Nationwide.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has released the process and guidelines involved in the collection of candidates Original Certificates for School candidates and Private Candidates Nationwide.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC are the body involved in conducting the Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in African Countries.

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is the minimum educational qualification requirement in Nigeria and some other West African countries.

The body currently conducts two types of examination three times annually they include:
First Diet (Private) — January/February
Second Diet (School) — May/June
❑ Third Diet (Private) — November/December

At the end of the above examinations the body issues certificates to candidates, normally they are ready within six months after the release of the results.

Recently the examination body WAEC started imposing penalties on candidates who fail to process the collection of their certificates within a year after it had been released.

From the Statics / Reports they gave it shows that there are still results of candidates who wrote the examination as far back as 1960 in their office, according to examination body. People only turn up to collect theirs when they are in dire need of it.

So in-order to curb this bad practice they has started the imposing of penalties all certificates still in their Custody after One Year.

Irrespective of the exam being organized by WAEC candidates sits for, they can easily request or start process or collection of their original WAEC Certificates.

WAEC Original Certificates Collection Process for School Candidates (May/June).

Candidates or Students who sat for the Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) at their various schools are called School candidates and can get or collect their Original Certificates from the School Authorities as it will have been dispatched to them after 6 months of the release of results.

NOTE: Your school are free to charge you any amount of money pending on how long the certificate has been in their custody, so please do not complain....

WAEC Original Certificates Collection Process for Private Candidates (GCE).

Candidates or Students who sat for the Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) at various EXTERNAL CENTERS are called Private candidates and can get or collect their Original Certificates only from any WAEC Offices in that particular state they wrote the examination.

NOTE: You can't write your Private Examination in Anambra State and expect to collect your certificate in any WAEC Office in Abuja.

Latest Update: WASSCE Certificates for Private Candidates Can Now Be Requested Online Electronically.
The West African Examinations Council, WAEC has introduced an electronic certificate management system, a portal deployed to enable private candidates to request for certificates online.

Collection of certificates by private candidates will be based on online requests by such candidates via the platform.

In order for this to be done seamlessly, WAEC have partnership with the Nigeria Postal Service, NIPOST to use the expedited mail delivery service of NIPOST.

Candidates upon application and required payments done online, have their certificates delivered to them in any state of the federation,  irrespective of where they sat for the examination..

WAEC Original Certificates Collection Requirements


The Below documents are required from you while visiting the WAEC Offices for the Process of your Original Certificates.
✓ Sworn affidavit
✓ Online result print-out
✓ One passport-size photograph
✓ Photo card
✓ Identity card


Requirements for Collection of Certificates by Proxy: 
A. Fax the following documents to the DR/Zonal Coordinator, WAEC, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria through your proxy: 
1. International Passport Page of the Candidate;
2. Visa Page and Residential Permit of the Candidate;
3. Application Letter from the Candidate:
i. Address these two letters to the DR/Zonal Coordinator, WAEC, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria;
ii. Include your phone number(s), the email address in the letters & the examination particulars.
4. Authority Letter from the Candidate.

B. Requirements from the Proxy: 
1. Identity Card of the Proxy authorized to collect the Certificate
2. N3,550.00 cash payable to WAEC cashier, Ikeja, Lagos.

WAEC Original Certificates Penalty Fee

WAEC now charges each candidate what they ‘Custody Fee’ and its rate varies depending on how long your certificate has been in WAEC’s care. The said fee payable depending on how long your certificates were issued.

Each time you delay the processing and collection of your certificate, the amount of money you’d pay increases. So, the earlier you go and get your WAEC certificate, the better.

The various monetary penalties are listed below.

Years Amounts Payable 
0-4 N3, 500
5-9 N8, 500
10 to 14 N13, 500
15 to 19 N18, 500
20 yrs and above N23, 500

Kindly note that after been issued your Original WAEC Certificate you are to ensure the safety of the certificate as the examination body doesn't issue the certificates twice.

Insects and rodents are known for destroying such. Keep it away from where they are likely to mutilate it.

Don’t laminate your certificate!

But in the case of any damages or incidents you shouldn't worry as WAEC has provision for the replacement of certificates with the Issuing of Attestation of Results you can read more on that by following the link : WAEC Result Attestation: A Replacement for Lost/Missing Original Certificates.