NMC Foundation Postgraduate Course on Relativistic Astrophysics 2018/19

National Mathematical Center, NMC Abuja Foundation Postgraduate Course on Relativistic Astrophysics / Theoretical Physics Application Guidelines for 2018/2019 Session.

The National Mathematical Centre, Abuja is organizing a-2 week scientific programme designed for graduate, post graduate students and lecturers who have interest in understanding this complex part of Physics. A large part of the workshop will be devoted to well-grounded knowledge on the foundations of relativity theory.

This is imperative because many researchers lack the basic skills in relativity theory which forms the bedrock for advanced research in Relativistic Astrophysics and cosmology.

Targeted Participants

• Lecturers and Researchers in Astrophysics, Relativity Theory and Cosmology
• Postgraduate students in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics
• Final year undergraduate students of Physics and Mathematics

Date: April 22 — May 3, 2019;
Venue: National Mathematical Centre Auditorium

National Mathematical Centre will provide lunch and hostel accommodation with option of guest house at a subsidized rate within our campus, for all Participants.

However, the Participants will be responsible for their travel expenses and other logistics.

Mode of Application: interested applicants can apply online at our website: http://www.nmc.edu.ng.

Closing date for application is 4th April, 2019.

Successful applicants will be notified by 11th April, 2019.
For further enquiries: 
Tel: 08039143325
E-mail: [email protected];
Website: http://www.nmc.edu.ng

Signed: Dr. Obagboye Lewis Ag Coordinator, 
Theoretical Physics Programme, 
National Mathematical Centre, Abuja