ATBU Postgraduate Registration Guidelines 2020/2021 [UPDATED]

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) Postgraduate (PG) Registration Guidelines for Fresh and Returning Students for 2020/2021 Academic Session.

This is to inform all new and returning Postgraduate students of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, ATBU that the online registration for 2020/2021 academic session has commenced.

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ATBU Postgraduate Registration Guidelines for New and Returning Students 2020/2021 Session

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Fresh students should go to their respective Departments with Payment Receipt/Remita Printout of their Acceptance Letter for Clearance and collection of password to access the online registration portal.

1. Visit the registration portal on
Login with the following details:


  • Login ID: Admission Number
  • Password: To be obtained in step 2 above.


  • Login ID: Registration Number
  • Password: atbupgschool (This is temporary password that you will be prompted to change immediately after login).
NOTE: Upon successful login, ENSURE that you update your profile as Payment receipts and Vital information will be communicated to you via your e-mail address

3. Pay for your tuition fees using the following steps:
  1.  Select the ‘Fees Payment’ link to display fees schedule.
  2. In  order to pay part of your tuition fee or pay the full tuition fee, click on the ‘Make Part Payment’  or ‘Make Full Payment’ link respectively.
  3.  Verify the information displayed (i.d, Name, Reference Number e.t.c) and choose your preferred payment method (Master Card, PocketMoni, Bank e.t.c)  and click on accept.
  4. Note that your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) is required for fees verification. ENSURE THAT YOU SAVE IT!!.

4. Verify your fees payment on the registration portal and proceed with your course registration:

Fresh and Normal Students

  1.  Return to the registration portal ( and login as in Step 3 (Payments made online will  be redirected back to the portal automatically).
  2. Select the ‘Verify Fees Payment’ (Online payments will be verified automatically).
  3. Enter the RRR obtained during payment and click on ‘Verify’
  4. After successful verification, you will be granted access to course Registration. Note that only payment up to 2/3 of tuition fees will grant access to course registration .

Fellowship students, Spill Over students and students that have already paid in 2015

  1. For fellowship students, spill over students and students that have already made payments since 2015, go to the PG School with your evidences to be granted access on the Registration Portal.
  2. Log on to the registration portal ( and login as in Step 4.
  3. Proceed with your course registration

On completion of online registration process, Students should print their registered courses and go to their respective Departments for signature.

Note: Both Fresh & Returning Students have options of payment using ATM Card, other means of online payments or go to any bank for payment.

Important Notice

Fresh Student Registration

  1. Upon acceptance of the offer of provisional admission, each candidate must register for courses during the official registration period, normally at the beginning of the session. Candidates who register late shall pay the approved late registration fee.
  2. Candidates offered admission may register on payment of appropriate fees and production of the originals of the certificates claimed in their applications. Payment of fees and certificate clearance involve all candidates irrespective of their employers and which institution they had graduated from, respectively.  If it is discovered at any point of the course of studies that the candidate does not possess either the entry qualification for the course of study or the qualifications claimed in the application form, the candidate will be withdrawn.
  3. The candidate’s broad field of research shall be required for the purpose of registration in the first instance. The specific title of research shall, however, be made available to the Postgraduate School and Senate by the candidate’s Programme during or after course work.
  4. The Secretary of Postgraduate School will distribute registration materials to both new and returning students during the registration period.
  5. Students entering the University for the first time and those returning after an absence of one or more semesters must complete the medical forms after undergoing a medical examination. Failure to submit the forms on time may result in the student registering during the late registration period thereby paying the prescribed late registration fee.
  6. The University reserves the right to deny registration to any prospective student who in the judgement of the officials of the Medical Centre, is suffering from a condition of illness that would be inimical to the health of others.
  7. A postgraduate student may register for and prosecute only one postgraduate programme of the University at any one given time.
  8. New Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Candidates shall register not later than one month from the commencement of the first semester of the academic session. The offer will lapse if the candidate fails to register by this deadline.
  9. Only new PhD and research candidates may be allowed to register at the commencement of either semesters but in any case not later than one month from the beginning of the semester.
  10. A candidate may register on either a full-time basis or part-time basis
  11. A full-time candidate engaged in any work other than an advanced study must submit the details of such work through the Programme and School’s Postgraduate Committees to the Board of Postgraduate School which shall recommend to Senate the minimum period to be prescribed for the candidate’s study. Where a candidate is engaged in work other than advanced study for more than 18 hours in a week, or is engaged in full employment, he/she shall register as a part-time candidate.

Renewal of Registration

In order to remain bona fide postgraduate students, candidates shall renew their registration with the Postgraduate School at the beginning of each session until the University Senate has awarded them the higher degree.  The appropriate registration forms must be completed and submitted to the Postgraduate School and the appropriate session’s fees paid.
Any postgraduate student who fails to renew his/her registration within the prescribed period (normally within the first four weeks of the session inclusive of late registration period) shall be deemed to have forfeited the course for that session and shall not be allowed to register again until the beginning of the next session if the delay in registration was in good course.
Any postgraduate student who fails to renew his/her registration for two consecutive sessions will have his/her course of study deemed to have formally lapsed and his/her files will be closed finally.

Extension of Registration

Candidates may apply for extension not later than 3 calendar months before the expiration of their current registration. When the registration lapses, the candidate will be considered withdrawn.
For exceptional extension of registration, the duration is one session and no more whereas normal extension of registration, the student may be given another chance of one session as exceptional extension to complete the programme.