OAU Registered & Unregistered Student Societies and Organizations

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) List of Registered/Unregistered Student Societies / Organizations and Associations on Campus.

It has come to the notice of the University Management that some students are associating or fraternizing with some unlawful, unregistered or outrightly illegal groups claiming to operate as O.A.U. club, society or organization.

This is a flagrant violation of the Code of Conduct for students and the Matriculation Oath they swore to uphold on admission to the University.

Students are implored to remain peaceful, law-abiding, focused and vigilant. Any activity that may constitute a breach of the University peace or emanating from any suspicious groups, societies and organizations should be promptly reported to the University authorities.

OAU List of Registered Student Societies/Organizations.

  1. Nigerian Sociology and Anthropology Students Association
  2. National Association of Gbongan Students
  3. Methodist Campus Fellowship
  4. Nigeria University Education Students Association (NUESA)
  5. Physics and Engineering Physics Students’ Association
  6. Nigerian Society of Biochemistry Students
  7. Students Professional Bureau of Accountancy
  8. Nigeria Institute of Civil Engineers Students Affiliate (NICESA)
  9. Association of Foreign Language Students
  10. Christ Ambassadors Students Outreach
  11. Ceynet Da Nu Breed
  12. The City of God’s Delight Music School
  13. The African Church Evangelical Student Fellowship
  14. National Association of Ilaje Students
  15. National Union of Lagos State Students
  16. Nigerian Association of Science Students (NASS)
  17. Fine and Applied Arts Students’ Association
  18. Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria
  19. ECWA Student Ministry
  20. Nigerian Association of Arts and Social Science Education
  21. National Animal Sciences Students’ Association (NASSA)
  22. Education Television Nigeria Ltd.
  23. Navigator Communication Agency
  24. Maritime Law Students’ Society
  25. Ife Muslim Health Students’ Association (IMHSA)
  26. Man O’War Club
  27. Linguistics and African Languages Students’ Association
  28. Nigerian Universities Accounting Students’ Association (NUASA)
  29. The Alpha Club
  30. Osogbo National Students’ Union (ONSU)
  31. Feeding Centre Campus Fellowship
  32. Association of Demography and Social Statistics Students
  33. New Life Campus Fellowship
  34. Environmental Control and Management Students’ Association
  35. Science and Technology Education Students Association (STESA)
  36. Vicus Chambers
  37. Life and Fitness Cycling Club
  38. Agricultural Extension Students’ Society of Nigeria
  39. The Tax Club OAU (ITC)
  40. Anglican Students’ Fellowship
  41. Society of Petroleum Engineers
  42. Ejigbo Local Government Area Students’ Association (ELGASA)
  43. National Association of Ebonyi Students
  44. OAU LEO Club
  45. Federated Union of Modakeke Students (FUMS)
  46. Charismatic Student Fellowship
  47. Music Students Association of Nigeria
  48. The American Chemical Society
  49. Faculty of Arts Students Association
  50. Rotaract Club
  51. IGEM Campus Fellowship
  52. Equity Chambers
  53. Nigerian Institute of Mechanical Engineers Student Chapter
  54. Mountain of Fire and Miracles Campus Fellowship (MFMCF)
  55. Nigeria Economics Students Association
  56. Scripture Union Campus Fellowship
  57. Students Counselling Association of Nigeria
  58. Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative
  59. Environmental Design and Management
  60. Baptist Student Fellowship
  61. International Law Students Association
  62. National Association of Muslim Law Students
  63. The Postgraduate Campus Fellowship
  64. National Association of Mathematical Science Student of Nigeria
  65. Spokesman Campus Ministries
  66. University Technology and Science Students’ Alliance
  67. Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students
  68. Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship
  69. Cherubim and Seraphim Church
  70. Christian Law Students Fellowship of Nigeria
  71. National Association of Building Students
  72. The Gospel Students’ Fellowship
  73. Justice Chamber Faculty of Law
  74. Evangelical Christian Union (ECU)
  75. Urban and Regional Planning Student Association
  76. The Federation of Ekiti State Students’ Union
  77. MAGNA Curia Chambers
  78. Latter Glory Students’ Fellowship
  79. Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS)
  80. Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students
  81. The Apostolic Church Student Fellowship of Nigeria
  82. Life Channel Campus Ministry
  83. Christ Apostolic Church Students’ Association
  84. National Association of Public Administration Students
  85. Students Christian Movement
  86. Law Students Society
  87. Deeper Life Campus Fellowship
  88. Apostolic Faith Campus Fellowship
  89. Kegites Club International
  90. Drug Free Club
  91. Tijaniyyah Muslim Students of Nigeria
  92. Red Cross
  93. Winners Campus Fellowship
  94. University Joint Christian Mission (UJCM)
  95. Federation of Oyo State Students’ Union
  96. United Small and Medium Scale Farmers’ Association of Nigeria
  97. Christian Accounting Students’ Fellowship
  98. National Association of Philosophy Students
  99. Redeemed Christian Fellowship
  100. Junior Chamber International
  101. Estate Management Students’ Association
  102. National Association of Quantity Surveying Students (NAQSS)
  103. Nigerian Association of Microbiology Students
  104. Glory of God Students Fellowship
  105. International Relations Students’ Association
  106. Spirit Chapel Campus Church
  107. Mogul Movement
  108. Federation of Iwo Land Students’ Union
  109. Foursquare Students’ Fellowship
  110. Adventist Students’ Fellowship
  111. Federation of Ibadan Students’ Union
  112. National Association of Geography Students
  113. All Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association
  114. Ahmadi Muslim Students Association
  115. Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ)
  116. Celestial Church of Christ Students’ Parish
  117. Christ Love Fellowship
  118. Federation of Ibarapa Students’ Association
  119. Association of Anambra State Students in Nigeria & Diaspora
  120. Christ Fellowship International
  121. Christ Way Campus Resource Fellowship
  122. International Association of Students of Agricultural and Related Sciences
  123. Nigeria Universities Nursing Students’ Association
  124. God’s Love Tabernacle Campus Fellowship
  125. Ife Architecture Students’ Association
  126. National Association of Computer Science Students
  127. Liberation Chamber
  128. Federation of Ogbomoso Students’ Union (FOGSU)
  129. Nigeria Association of Psychology Students
  130. Federation of Igbo Students
  131. Student Historical Society of Nigeria (SHSN)
  132. AIESEC, Ife
  133. Spokes Man Campus Fellowship (Sanctuary of Hope)

OAU List of Unregistered Student Societies/Organizations.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following groups are unregistered and consequently not recognized for operation in the University:
  • Alliance of Nigerian Students Against Neo-Liberia Attacks (ANSA)
  • Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM)
  • Education Rights Campaign (ERC)
  • Pacesetter Movement
  • Socialist Youth League (SYL)
  • Coalition of Progressive Youth (COPY)
  • Great Ife Watch (GIW)
  • Great Ife Action Committee (GIAC)