LASU Exam Misconduct: Offences and Sanctions (BE-WARNED)

LASU Exam Misconduct: Offences and Sanctions (BE-WARNED)

Lagos State University (LASU) Examination Misconduct Code: List of Offences, Sanctions and Punishments to be Meted Out to Students who Violates the Code of Conduct.

Authorities of the Lagos State University (LASU) has published the Examination Misconduct Code which contains the list of offences, sanctions and punishments to be Meted Out to students who violates any of the code of conduct during examinations in the school campus.

LASU Examination Misconduct Code: Offences & Sanctions (BE-WARNED)

The under-listed actions are categorized as Examination Misconduct.

SEE ALSO: LASU General Code of Conduct (Offences & Penalties) for all Students.


1 Impersonation (within and outside LASU) Expulsion
2 Smuggling question papers out of examination
hall for help and returning with answer scripts
3 Failure to appeal before the Misconduct Panel Suspension for 1 Semester after
which non appearances leads to
4 Being found in Examination Hall with Jottings
relevant to the examination (in the locker)
Rustication (2 Semesters)
5 Physical attack or assault on Invigilators/fellow
Rustication (2 Semesters)
6 Coming to examination with prepared answer
7 Writing relevant materials on palms or any part
of the body
Rustication (2 Semesters)
8 Exchange of sheets, copying other students or
exchange of question papers in Examination Hall.
Rustication (2 Semesters)
9 Failure to submit answer scripts at the end of
Rustication (1 Semesters)
10 Rudeness, insubordination, Disobedience and
Disorderly behavior within the examination hall
Rustication (1 Semesters)
11 Failure and or refusal to fill the Examination
Misconduct form when apprehended.
Rustication (2 Semesters)
12 Use of cell phones in the examination hall Rustication (1 Semesters)
13 Refusal to submit self for search by an invigilator
of same sex
Rustication (1 Semesters)
14 Being in possession of answer scripts without
being authorized
Rustication (1 Semesters)
15 Destruction of evidence Rustication (2 Semesters)
16 Discussion during examination, consultation,
giving information or assistance or soliciting
Student will be awarded zero if
found culpable by Examination
Malpractice Committee
17 Indecent dressing by students into Examination
Denial into the Examination Hall
by the Invigilator
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