IBBU Lapai Postgraduate Courses 2021/2022 | PGD, M.Sc & PhD
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBU) Lapai Official List of Approved Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), Masters (M.Sc) and Doctorate (PhD) Courses for 2021/2022 Academic Session.

Authorities of the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBU) has advertised the following postgraduate programmes for the 2021/2022 academic session admission exercise.

Recommended: IBBU Lapai School of Postgraduate Admission Form 2021/2022.

IBBU Lapai List of Approved Postgraduate Courses 2021/2022


  1. M.Sc. Accounting
  2. M.Sc. Business Administration
  3. M.Sc. Economics
  4. M.Sc. Computer Science
  5. M.Sc. Geology (Oil & Gas Upstream)
  6. M.Sc. Geology (Solid Minerals Development)
  7. M.Sc. History & International Studies
  8. M.Sc. Mathematics
  9. M.Sc. Microbiology
  10. M.Sc. Public Administration



Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension Services
1 PGD - Agricultural Economics
2 M.Sc. & PhD Agricultural Economics
Department of Animal Production
1 PGD – Animal Production
2 M.Sc – Animal Production
Areas of Specialization
a. Monogastric Nutrition
b. Animal Physiology
c. Animal Products & Processing
d. Ruminant Nutrition
Department of Crop Production
1 PGD –Crop Production
2 M.Sc – Crop Production
Options available
a. Agronomy
b. Plant Pathology
c. Entomology
d. Soil Science
e. Weed Science


Department of Counselling Psychology
1. M.Ed. & Ph.D - Guidance and Counseling
2. M.Ed. & Ph.D – Educational Psychology

Department of Continuing Education and Community Development
1. PGD in Education (PGDE)
2. M.Ed. & Ph.D in Adult Education
Available specializations:
a. Adult and Non-Formal Education
b. Rural and Community Development
c. Gender Education
d. Industrial Education
e. Entrepreneurial Adult Education
f. Communication Arts in Adult Education
Department of Human Kinetics & Health Education
M.Sc. Human Kinetics & Health Education
Available options:
a. Exercise Physiology.
b. Health Education.
c. Sports Psychology.
d. Sports Administration and Planning
Department of History & International studies
M.A History and International Studies


Department of Arabic
1. PGD Arabic
2. M.A – Arabic Language
3. M.A – Arabic Literature
Department of English
1. M.A & Ph.D English
2. M.A & PhD. - Literature in English


Department of Biochemistry
1. PGD - Biochemistry
2. M.Sc. & Ph.D - Biochemistry
Options available
a. Nutritional Biochemistry
b. Biochemical Toxicology
c. Medical Biochemistry & Chemical Pathology
d. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
e. Environmental Biochemistry
f. Pharmacological Biochemistry
Department of Biology
1. PGD – Environmental Biology
2. M.Sc. –Biology (options in the following areas)
a. Hydrobiology and Fisheries
b. Environmental Biology
c. Genetics
d. Parasitology
e. Mycology/Plant Pathology
Department of Computer Science
PGD in Computer Science
PGD in Information & Communication Technology
M.Sc. Computer Science
Department of Geography
1 PGD –Water Resources & Environmental Management
2 M.Sc. & Ph.D - Water Resources & Environmental Management
Department of Geology
1. PGD GeoResources
2. M.Sc. Geology (Solid Minerals Development)
3. M.Sc. Geology (Oil & Gas Upstream)
Department of Mathematics
1. PGD in Mathematics
2. M.Sc. Mathematics
Department of Microbiology
1. M.Sc. Microbiology
Department of Physics
1. PGD - Physics
2. M.Sc. Physics – (options in the following areas)
a. Applied Geophysics
b. Solid State Physics
c. Radiations and Health/Nuclear Physics
d. Energy Studies


Department of Accounting
1. M.Sc. Accounting
Department of Business Administration
1. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Management
2. M.Sc. Business Administration
3. MBA with options in
i. Business Accounting & Finance
ii. Islamic Finance
iii. Entrepreneurial Development
iv. Insurance & Actuarial Science
v. Marketing
vi. Human Resource Management
vii. Auditing & Public Sector Accounting
viii. Public Finance Management
Department of Economics
1. PGD in Finance & Administration (PGDFA)
2. PGD in Health & Environmental Economics (PGDHEE)
3. Master in Financial Economics (MFE)
4. M.Sc. Economics
Department of Political Science
1. PGD in Public Policy & Administration (PGDPPA)
2. PGD in Development Studies (PGDDS)
3. Master in Public Policy & Administration (MPPA)
4. Master in International Studies & Diplomacy (MISD)
5. Masters of Art (M.A) Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (M.A-PCSS)
6. Masters of Art (M.A) Electoral Policy and Administration (M.A-EPA)
7. M.Sc. & Ph.D Political Science
Department of Public Administration
1. PGD Public Administration (PGDPA)
2. Master in Public Administration (MPA)
3. M.Sc. Public Administration
Department of Sociology
1. M.Sc. Sociology
(Areas of Specialization)
a. Medical Sociology
b. Industrial Sociology
c. Sociology of Education
d. Criminology
e. Development Studies
f. Demography