NMS Zaria Prospectus for Newly Admitted Students 2022/2023
View / Download the Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria Prospectus for Fresh / Newly Admitted Students (Boys) for 2020/2021 Academic Session.

1. Please accept our congratulations on your admission into the Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria. The Nigerian Military School is a premier institution established in 1954 to train mid-level manpower for the Nigerian Army. Training in NMS comprise of both academic and military packages accordingly. Consequently, you are to prepare your mind and report for training on Saturday, 15th October, 2022.

You are also requested to come along with your Letter of Admission, duly completed Acceptance Form, Parents’ Letter of Undertaking and Consent Form respectively.


2. You are to report with the following items among other requirements, with your name clearly marked on each item:

a. Beddings.

(1) One new Blanket (blue).
(2) One treated Mosquito Net.
(3) 2 White Bed Sheets/Pillow Cases.
(4) 2 Company Colour Bedsheets/Pillow Cases.
(a) Kaduna - Blue
(b) Lagos - Yellow
(c) Ibadan - Red
(d) Enugu - Green
(e) Abuja - Purple
(f) Calabar - Brown
(g) Zaria - Pink

b. Mosque or Church Wears.

(1) 2 White Shirts (Shorts Sleeves) or Kaftan.
(2) 2 White Trousers (Not Jeans type).
(3) 1 Pair of white Canvas Shoe.
(4) 2 Pairs of brown Sandals.
(5) 2 Black Belts.
(6) 1 Pair of bathroom Slippers.
(7) 2 Pairs of Shorts (deep blue colour).

c. Other items.

(1) One Pressing Iron (electric).
(2) 1 Towel (medium size).
(3) One School Bag(Black).
(4) 6 Singlets (white).
(5) 6 Boxers.
(6) One Iron Bucket.
(7) A Set of Cutlery – for personal use.
(8) 2 Plates – for personal use.
(9) 1 Stainless Cup with cover – for personal use.
(10) 1 Hoe.
(11) 1 Broom.
(12) 4 Passport Photographs and a File Jacket.
(13) A Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
(14) A Photocopy of Certificate of Indigeneship from the State or Local Government.

d. Company and Sport Wears. Boys will be issued with 2 pairs of House Wear, a pair of Company
and sports wear each.

e. Mufti. Apart from the items of civil dress in paragraph 2b(1 & 2), no Boy would be allowed to
appear in mufti (civil dress). All other items of dress not specified would be confiscated.


3. Boys are not allowed to bring GSM mobile phone, radio, cassette recorder or other electronic gadgets into the School. Boiling ring (electric water heater) is HIGHLY PROHIBITED. Use of mentioned items would attract expulsion from the School. A copy of the School Rules and Regulation will be issued to each Boy on resumption.


4. The School will issue all the relevant books to the Boys on resumption. Consequently, you will be required to pay a book deposit of Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15,000.00) only at the beginning of every Session (First Term). Books issued in excess of this amount would be paid for in the Second Term.


5. Parents/Guardians would only be allowed to visit their sons/wards on Visiting/Open Day. The date for the Visiting/Open Day is communicated to the parents/guardians in the School’s Newsletter given to the Boys at the end of every Term. No parent will be allowed to take a Boy out of the School during the Visiting/Open Day.


6. The NMS Training Companies and their colours are as follows:
a. Kaduna Company - Blue.
b. Lagos Company - Yellow.
c. Ibadan Company - Red.
d. Enugu Company - Green.
e. Abuja Company - Purple.
f. Calabar Company - Brown.
g. Zaria Company - Pink.


7. The summary of payments is as follows:

a. Development fees:

(1) Officers - N10,000.00.
(2) Soldiers - N2,000.00.
(3) Civilians - N30,000.00.

b. Temporary Teachers Allowance:

(1) Officers - N4,000.00.
(2) Soldiers - N2,000.00.
(3) Civilians - N14,000.00.

c. Books deposit - N15,000.00.
d. 2 x House wears - N3,500.00.
e. Sports wears - N1,800.00.
f. ‘Army Box’ - N3,000.00.
g. Bed - N7,500.00.
h. Table/Chair - N12,000.00.
i. Parent Instructor Association Levy - N1,000.00.
j. Summary of total payments in Bank draft payable to Nigerian Military School based on parental status is as follows:
(1) Soldiers - N47,800.00.
(2) Officers - N57,800.00.
(3) Civilians - N87,800.00.

8. This prospectus highlights the nature of training in the Nigerian Military School and the requirements needed for the newly admitted Boys. Parents/Guardians are therefore advised to ensure that these requirements are made available for screening at the reception point in the School on 15th October, 2022. Please be informed that your failure to report on the stipulated date will be considered as your change of mind in accepting this provisional offer of admission and your vacancy will be granted to the candidates on the reserve in your State.

Once again, Congratulations.

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