NAUB Fees Payment & Registration Guidelines 2023/2024
Nigerian Army University (NAUB) Registration and School Fees Payment Step By Step Guidelines and Procedures for All Students 2023/2024 Academic Session [UPDATED].

The Nigerian Army University (NAUB) Course Registration and School Fees Payment Procedures for all Returning Students has been published below:

All Fresh and Returning Students of the Nigerian Army University (NAUB) are to follow the below guidelines for the registration of their courses and fees payment.

RECOMMENDED:  NAUB Acceptance Fee Payment & Registration 2023/2024 [Freshmen].

Registration of fresh students will commence on the 3rd of April, 2023 and end on 22nd of April, 2023 including one-week late registration.

Admitted candidates are to download the approved Academic Calendar for 2023/2024 session and Undergraduate Fees Schedule for information.

NAUB Online Course Registration & School Fees Payment Guidelines 2023/2024

Welcome to Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB) Student Registration Guide. This guide is for returning students, implying that only students with registration/matriculation numbers can this guide be of assistance to.

Applicants who have not been offered admission and do not have registration numbers, please proceed to the application guide manual, on NAUB applicant portal

The Student portal was built with top notch technologies and comprehensive user interfaces.

2. Overview
in this document, you will learn a series of operations listed below:
• How to get started
• How to Create a Student Account
• How to Sign into the NAUB Student Portal
• How to access your Dashboard
• How to access your Profile
• How to access Fees
• How to Register Courses
• How to access CA Results and Exams
• How to access Other Services

Note: Annotation boxes/shapes that appear on subsequent screens are for further description/recognition, the do not appear on actual application.

Please do not make comments on this guide because the platform does not support comment replies, kindly refer to the tidio chat bot on the applicant portal

3. How to get Started
To visit the portal, go in
Click on ”Register” to start registration as a Student.

4. How to create a Student Account
To create a Student Account, this page is displayed after clicking on “Register” in the home page.
This page permits the student to fill in his/her details i.e Registration Number, Surname, First Name,
Programme, Phone, Recovery email(please provide a valid email for password recovery purpose).

• Please input your registration number in this format : Eg: NAUB/18U/FAMSS/ACC/000
• Click on “Verify” to validate your Registration number
• It populates all the fields with your previously provided details. If your details tallies, then proceed to the account creation stage. Or if the populated details do not match, please contact the support team via the portal address:
• Check(click on) the “I confirm the data above is mine” box for affirmation.
In order to reset your password, kindly use a yahoo or Gmail mail account
Any emailing account containing the following: , , , ,
The preceding email accounts containing these suffixes prompts the following warning represented below

5. How to Sign into the NAUB student Portal
• To login to the Student Portal,
• A default email address and password is displayed at the top of the login form.
• Kindly enter the displayed email and password. * If you haven’t received your login credentials yet please contact the support team via the portal address:
• Click on the visibility icon(depicted in the red box) to preview your password.
• Click on “SIGN-IN”
• If you don’t have a Student Account yet, click on “Create one now”.

5.1. Hot to Reset my Password
In case of forgotten password, a student can easily reset his/her password.
• On the sign in form, click on Reset password at the bottom of the form
A Reset password form is displayed
• Kindly enter your NAUB email address.
• Click on Get Reset Link Button,
• Kindly select an email address your new password will be sent to.

The preceding message is displayed after an email containing your new password is sent to your specified email address.

6. How to access your Dashboard
After initial login, a Student can access his/her profile, Fees, Courses, CA Results and Exams, and other Services.

From the preceding display
• A Student can view his profile dashlet
• View upcoming school events.
• Pay outstanding fees(applicable if any), click “Pay Now” to make payment(please refer to “how to pay fees” section of the guide).
• To Register for new courses, click on “Registration” to proceed(Please refer to “How to register
Courses” section of the guide).

6.1. How to access your Profile
The Profile Page provides a Student’s biodata.
A Student can make modifications to his/her Biodata (Biodata has a series of text fields and dropdown) to be filled with the student’s information i.e Personal Info, Parent/Guardian, Next of Kin, Military Personnel details .
• Click on Edit button at the bottom of the form to make modifications to your data.
• After clicking “Edit”, you can modify your details and upload a passport photograph
*To add a photograph to your profile, click on “Upload Passport” to upload a passport Photograph, a modal form is displayed
*Click on Select file to access your file explorer (please ensure that your photograph is below 500kb)
• After upload, click on “close” to exit the modal after upload is complete.
• After making modifications to the form fields, click “Save” to complete changes.
To upload documents
• Click on Documents Tab
• Click on Upload Documents, a dialog box is displayed as previewed below
• Kindly select a document type from the drop-down
• Click on “Select File” to open your file explorer
• Click upload to add your document
• Click close to exit the modal box.

6.2. How to access your Fees
Every detail concerning fee payments for a Student can be accessed here i.e Outstanding Fees, Fees
history and Other Fees.
• To view details concerning pending payments click on “Outstanding Fees” tab.
• A list of all outstanding payments is displayed.
• Click on “Pay Now” to be redirected to the payment gateway for payment.
All Payments are to be made in full(no installment)

Payment History
• To view all payment history, click on “Payment History” tab.
• If all payments are made the succeeding screen is displayed
• A list of all payments made by the Student is displayed.
Other fees
• To view other fees i.e accommodation,registration for payment, click on “Other Fees” tab.

6.2.1. How to pay fees
This is to inform all the newly admitted and returning students that all payments are now to be paid through Remita platform only. Any outstanding or incomplete payments are to be paid through Remita. NOTE: Your payer’s name must include your matric number e.g (Usman Faruk NAUB/18U/FAMSS/ACC/000)Log on to
⦁ Click on pay FGN and State TSA
⦁ Click on FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria. Pay a biller page will come up.
⦁ Under “WHO YOU WANT TO PAY”, type Nigerian Army University Biu and click.
⦁ Select “NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE” of your payment from the dropdown menu. That is, Undergraduate service charges or Remedial service charges.
⦁ Enter the amount to pay as applicable to your course of study. See NAUB School Fees Schedule 2019/2020 | UG & Remedial Students.
⦁ Enter the payer’s name including your matric number e.g ( Usman Faruk NAUB/18U/FAMSS/ACC/000 )
⦁ Enter the payer’s phone number
⦁ Enter the payer’s email
⦁ Select how you want to pay – Either online or through any commercial bank branch.
⦁ Submit to generate an invoice containing 12-digit Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number.
⦁ Use your ATM card to make payment or visit any commercial bank to make payment.
⦁ Proceed to Bursary Department for confirmation and endorsement of your receipt.

6.2.2. How to access Payment Receipts
To access you payment receipts, Click on the icon n on the the Payment History tab.
*Click on the Icon to access your receipt

6.3. How to Register Courses
Registration History tab
• If Registration fees are yet to be paid, click on pay now to make payment(To make payments, follow the preceding steps in “How to pay Fees”)

Yo Register for courses:
• Click on the green active register button to view the list of courses
A list of Courses are displayed on the screen(compulsory courses are selected by default) as displayed below

To add more courses, click on the navigation controls.
• Please select courses that are within your course units(a maximum amount of credit unit is set).
To select electives(optional) courses from different faculties as represented below:
• Select a faculty, department and level, then click on show course button.
• Select your preferred course choice(s), then click submit.
• Click Confirm to complete your registration process.
To view your course registration form:
• Click on “view form” button
The picture below is displayed
To print the course registration form after registration
• Click on “print form” button to print a copy of your course registration form.

6.4. How to access CA Results and Exams
A Student can access his/her CA Results and Exams
CA Results
You can filter by Session and semester
• Select the Session drop-down, select a session 2018(2018/2019) or 2019(2019/2020)
• Select the Semester drop-down, select a semester( first or second)

A Student can access his/her final results with details i.e Course Code, Course Tittle, Course Type, Course Units, Scores

• A Student Exam Card consists of Exams details i.e Name, Registration Number, Course, Level,
Course Code, Course Name, Units and Invigilator’s Sign & Date, Exam Card

6.5. How to access other
A Student can access other Services i.e Request for Accommodation
To request for accommodation
• Kindly indicate if you have any disability or not, select your preferred response from the options field
• Add a brief description of your disability(if any) in the Brief Description input box.
• Click submit to complete submission.