NECO Exam Script Remarking Fees & Payment Guidelines [SSCE & BECE]
National Examination Council (NECO) SSCE & BECE Script Remarking Fees, Online Payment Platform Guidelines and Procedures | See How to Apply and Make Payment for NECO Exam Scripts Remarking for SSCE Internal (June/July) and External (Nov/Dec GCE)  & BECE Students.

This is to inform the all Students, Parents, Guardians and the General public that the National Examination Council (NECO) has launched a new online payment platform where all services been rendered by the board are been made payment for before such services can be rendered by the Board.

Such services which include Remarking of Answers scripts are been made payment for before it is been carried out by the board.

Prospective NECO SSCE and BECE Candidates who in one way or the other are not satisfied with their subject result which were released by the Board be it SSCE internal, SSCE external and BECE results can now apply and have their answer scripts remarked after making payment for the service and following the terms and conditions of the examination council.

Candidates should note that all previously marked scripts are kept in the council custody for a period of 3 months after their results has been released and at such all requests for script remarking should be done within the stipulated period.

NECO Exam Script Remarking is open to all NECO Internal (June/July) Candidates, NECO External (Nov/Dec GCE) Candidates and NECO BECE Candidates.

NECO Exam Script Remarking Fees & Payment Guidelines [SSCE & BECE]

A. NECO Exam Script Remarking Fees:

  • SSCE Internal (June/July) Candidates: Seven Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only. (N7,500)
  • SSCE External (Nov/Dec) Candidates: Seven Thousand Five Hundred Naira Only. (N7,500) 
  • BECE Candidates: Five Thousand Naira Only. (N5,000)

B. NECO Exam Script Remarking Payment Guidelines:

  • Kindly log on to NECO Items Online Payment Portal or Platform via
  • Select or search for Payment Category or Payment item you want to make payment for i.e Remarking SSCE or BECE e.t.c
  • Payment item code is required for any NECO payment, this item code can be gotten from the NECO website.
  • Ensure to verify your payment before proceeding to Pay and note that Refund is not applicable once payment is completed.
  • Fill the form in the box to the right and proceed to payment
  • Select mode of payment i.e Bank branch payment or Debit card payment.
  • Go through the transaction breakdown, read and accept the disclaimer then click the confirm button to proceed
  • Verify payment details and click on the checkbox to accept the disclaimer. 
  • After a successful payment You will receive a payment receipt.
  • Present Evidence of Payment to your nearest NECO office.  

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1. NECO Internal and BECE Candidates interested for Exam Script Remarking are to lodge their complaint at their various schools where they sat for the exam, so the school can take up the case from there while NECO SSCE External Candidates are to make payment online and visit the nearest NECO Offices in the State the exam was written.

2. A non-refundable fee of N5,000 and N7,500 respectively as the case maybe is ought to be paid before complaints are lodged to the NECO Office for Internal Candidates while for External Candidates online payment must be made before complaints are accepted.

3. NECO SSCE Internal, External and BECE Candidates seeking for Exam Script Remarking are to note that all complaints must be received 30 days after the release of the results, anything otherwise will not be attended to.

4. The Examination Body also reserve the right to approve or reject the Examination Script Remarking Complaint being tendered.

NOTE: This feature are not available for Candidates whose results are being withheld or have outstanding in any of their subjects.

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