Bells University Academic Calendar Schedule 2021/2022

Bells University of Technology (BELLSTECH/BUT) Approved Academic Calendar for the Commencement of First (1st), Second (2nd) Semester Academic Activities for the 2021/2022 Academic Session.

Authorities of the Bells University of Technology (BUT), Ota, Ogun State, has released the approved academic calendar for commencement of 2021/2022 academic session.

The expanded Management of the University, at its meeting held approved the following dates for the commencement of the 2021/2021 academic session.

Bells University (BELLSTECH) Academic Calendar Schedule 2021/2022


24th September, 2021   –  18th February, 2022

24th September, 2021

Resumption of Special Direct Entry Students

24th -30th September , 2021

Clearance and Registration for New Special Direct Entry Students

27th – 30th  September, 2021

Registration  for Special Direct Entry Students

3rd October, 2021

Resumption for  Returning Under graduate (UG) Students

4th October, 2021

Postgraduate Board Meeting

4th – 15th October, 2021

Commencement of Lectures and signing of Course Registration Forms for Returning Students

5th October, 2021

Departmental Boards Meetings

8th October, 2021

Commencement of Lectures for Direct entry Students

11th October, 2021

Resumption for Postgraduate (PG) Students

12th October, 2021

College Boards Meetings

13th October, 2021

Leadership Training (HODs//Heads of Units) for newly appointed office holders

14th October, 2021

Curriculum Committee Meeting

20th October, 2021

Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting

20th October,2021

Students Disciplinary Committee Meeting

21st October, 2021

Meeting of Congregation

24th October, 2021

Resumption for Newly Admitted Students

25th–  29th October, 2021

Orientation Week for Newly Admitted Students

28th October, 2021

Senate Meeting

29th October, 2021

End of Course Registration for all Students (Special Direct Entry, Regular UG (300-500 Level) and PG) (Registration Portal Closure (12.00 Midnight)

30th  October  –  12th November, 2021

Commencement and end of late registration for all Students ( Final Registration Portal Closure for the Semester (12 Midnight)

1st -5th November, 2021

Convocation Week/Course Registration for 100 Level Students

2nd November, 2021

Engineering Induction/Science and Technology Fair

4th  November, 2021

Convocation Lecture/Play

5th-6th November, 2021

Convocation Ceremony

8th November, 2021

Commencement of Lectures for 100 Level Students

9th November, 2021

Departmental Boards Meetings

16th November, 2021

College Boards Meetings

17th November, 2021

College of Engineering College Lecture

23rd November, 2021

Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting

24th November, 2021

Students Disciplinary Committee

25th November, 2021

Senate Meeting

6th December, 2021

Postgraduate Board meeting

7th December, 2021

Departmental Boards Meetings

9th December, 2021

Curriculum Committee Meeting

14th December, 2021

 College Boards Meetings

15th December, 2021

Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting

17th December, 2021 – 7th January, 2022

Christmas Break

8th January, 2022

Matriculation Ceremony for Special Direct Entry Students

9th January, 2022

Resumption after Christmas Break


10th January, 2022

Commencement of Lectures after Christmas Break/

Postgraduate Board meeting

11th January, 2022

Departmental Boards Meetings

15th January, 2022

Matriculation Ceremony for Regular Under graduate and Postgraduate Students

18th January, 2022

College Boards Meetings

19th January, 2022

Students Disciplinary Committee Meeting

24th-28th January, 2022

Lecture Free Week

25th January, 2022

Committee of Deans and Directors’ Meeting

26th January, 2022

Seminar for Students

26th January, 2022

Seminar on Examination for Staff

27th January, 2022

Senate Meeting  

31st January-11th February, 2022

First Semester Examinations (300-500 Level)

4th-10th February, 2022

Revision Week for Special  Direct Entry Students

7th February, 2022

Postgraduate Board Meeting

8th  February, 2022

Departmental Boards Meetings

10th February, 2022

Curriculum Committee Meeting

11th February-27th February, 2022

First Semester Examinations for Special Entry Students

14th-25th February, 2022

Processing of First Semester Examinations Results (300-500 Level)

16th February, 2022

Department of Physical Planning and Works Lecture/ Students Disciplinary Committee Meeting

28th February -11th March, 2022

First Semester Examinations for 100-200 Level Students/ Processing of First Semester Special Direct Entry Examinations Results

2nd March, 2022

Departmental Boards Meetings

5th March, 2022

Benefactors Day

7th March, 2022

Postgraduate Board Meeting

8th March, 2022

College Boards Meetings

14th-25th March, 2022

Processing of First Semester Examinations Results (100-200 Level)/ First Semester Postgraduate Examinations

15th March, 2022

Committee of Deans and Directors Meeting

16th March, 2022

Student Disciplinary Committee Meeting

18th March, 2021

College Boards of Examiners Meeting

31st March, 2022

Special  Senate for Consideration of First Semester Results