ACU Notice to Students & Parents - 2nd Semester Exam 2019/2020

Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) Important Notice to all Students, Parents and Sponsors on the Upcoming Second Semester Examinations for 2019/2020 Academic Session.

Latest Update: The University Management wishes to inform all Ajayi Crowther University students and their parents of the following decisions:

  1. In view of complaints by parents and students about logistics and safety, the earlier plan to conduct the forthcoming Second Semester Examinations physically, using various designated centres in various towns in the country has been discontinued.
  2. The examinations will now be conducted using the online mode and will combine objective as well as essay-type questions.
  3. The Second Semester Examinations will commence unfailingly on Monday, July 20, 2020. Students are advised to check the University website for the examination time-table.
  4. All examinations shall be accessible at the given times and dates on the time-table only through the University’s website window. Students will use their PIN numbers to gain access to the question papers and answer sheets from the website. They will make their choices and write answers in essay form, using their computers. Students who have problems with their PIN numbers should contact the ICT Unit of the University through 08152797756 or 08035421169.
  5. All students must complete payment of their outstanding tuition fees for the 2019/2020 session, otherwise they WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the examinations. The Bursary will collate the list of students who have paid into the University’s bank account and issue clearance to that effect.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, no other fee is required of students apart from their outstanding tuition fees as a pre-condition for writing the examinations.
  7. Management has directed that lecturers should give students assignments which will constitute 30% of the examination scores, being the Continuous Assessment segment of the examinations.
  8. Final year students are strongly advised to intensify efforts at completing their research and writing their dissertation and interact with their supervisors through the online mode.
  9. In view of the fact that the examinations are to be written by students outside the physical watch of the University invigilators, Management appeals to all parents to represent the University by invigilating their wards while writing the examinations at home, and ensure that they are not allowed to cheat or consult their books while writing the examinations. Parents are partners in progress with the University in raising Godly children. The conduct of the examinations will, therefore, be a test of how principled, disciplined, and dispassionate parents can be in ensuring that our students do not cheat. This will be part of parents’ contributions to raising our students as future dependable leaders of tomorrow.
 Management looks forward to a hitch-free conduct of the examinations and wishes our students success.

Thank you.

Students and their parents/sponsors are hereby informed that the University Management has directed that the Second Semester Examinations for the 2019/2020 academic session should take place from Monday, July 20, 2020 to Friday, July 31, 2020.

All Students are to complete the ACU Examination Registration Form and submit immediately as late submission will result to non-participation in the examination.

This is to enable the University put in place necessary arrangements and logistics for the smooth and successful conduct of the examination.

In furtherance of the above decision, Management strongly advises all students to complete the payment of their fees which had been made on installmental basis as issuance of clearance for the examination will commence shortly.

For the avoidance of doubt, any student who fails to pay his/her fees in full before the commencement of the examinations WILL NOT be allowed into the examination halls.

Students are also hereby reminded that the University no longer conducts make-up examinations.

Therefore, any student who does not participate in the said Second Semester Examinations for whatever reason(s) will have to carry over the affected courses.

The University will soon make available to students and their parents/sponsors the financial status of each student to enable them know what is outstanding against them.

To this end, the Bursary Department has been instructed to generate the list of students who have paid their fees in full and are thus in good financial standing. The list will be used to admit eligible students into the examination halls.

Students and their parents/sponsors are advised to make payment into the University's designated bank account only.

They are urged to be vigilant and avoid paying into wrong accounts or accounts of scammers. They should also take note that the earlier payment of outstanding fees is made, the easier it is to accomplish the process of clearance for the examinations.

In view of the current lock-down in most parts of the country, and the Federal Government's directive that all educational institutions should remain closed for now, details of the mode of the examination will be communicated to students and parents/sponsors in due course.

Management enjoins students and parents/sponsors to take note of the foregoing for prompt attention and prays for divine provisions for them in that regard.

Adenike .T. Eatogun (Mrs)