FULafia Registration Guidelines 2020/2021 [UPDATED]

Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) Online Registration and Clearance Exercise Guidelines for Freshers / Newly Admitted Students for 2020/2021 Academic Session [UPDATED].

Authorities of the Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) has released the online registration and clearance exercise procedures and guidelines for freshers/newly admitted students for 2020/2021 academic session.


FULafia Online Registration Guidelines 2020/2021 [Newly Admitted Students]

A. Check Admission Status

Visit https://fmis.fulafia.edu.ng/putme/login.php and check your admission status

B. Payment of Acceptance Fee

Accept the admission within the stipulated deadline (1 week) and pay the Acceptance Fee. All RRR must be generated on the portal. Payment could be made online on the portal or at any commercial bank. See the details below

C. Bursary Clearance (Online)

Your presence is not required at the bursary

D. Clearance and Verification 

After you have been cleared by the Bursary, please proceed to your Faculty for Screening and Clearance. The Faculty Officer (FO) can either clear you directly online or give you a Clearance Pin which you would use to clear yourself and proceed to the next stage. If the FO clears you online, you should now proceed to the student portal at https://fmis.fulafia.edu.ng/putme/login.php. Your Reg. No. is your username and password. However, if the FO gives you the Clearance Pin, then proceed to the admission screening portal at https://fmis.fulafia.edu.ng/putme/login.php to clear yourself.

E. Payment Of Fees

On the student’s portal, update your profile information and pay for all charges available in the dropdown. DE Students are to select options for DE.

Students who have not paid/initiate their payment(s) for School Fees, GST Charges and Matriculation Fee on the FMIS Portal should now follow the following procedure for the validation and inclusion of their RRRs on FMIS.

1. Login to the FMIS at https://fmis.fulafia.edu.ng/putme/login.php
(By default, your UTME number is your username and password)

2. Click on Pay Bills

3. Select Undergraduate School Fee from the dropdown and click on pay

4. Now, scroll down and enter your RRR and click submit.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for GST Charges and Matriculation fee and then wait for Bursary's validation.

6. Immediately after the Bursary confirms and validates your RRR, you will receive Auto-SMS notification. You may also check the status therein on your payment page.

F. Course Registration

Now click on course registration and register for both first and second semester courses. Print the CRF and proceed to your level adviser for signature and further directives.

G. Medical Registration

Register with the Medical Unit and collect the medical fitness forms at the take-off site.

H. Library Registration

Register with the Library and collect the Library Card.

I. Students Affairs Registration

Register with the Student Affairs Division at the Take-Off Site.

J. Academic Affairs Documentation

Present a copy of all your receipts, signed CRF and photocopies of your credentials at the Academic Affairs.

K. I.D Card

Get captured for Student Identification Card at the Permenent Site.

L. Details About Payment

On the payment page, you can choose to either pay online by clicking on "Pay Online Now" or pay at any Commercial Bank via clicking on "Print and Pay in Bank". If you choose to pay online, you would be redirected to Remita where you would have 5 options to pay:

(a) Mastercard: Enter your card number, Expiry date, CVV and click on pay
(b) Bank Branch: Print the invoice and proceed to any commercial bank.(c) USSD: Dial *737*33*1*Your RRR# on your phone number registered with GTB or Dial *770*Your RRR # on your phone number registered with FIDELITY Bank
(d) Internet Banking: Select your bank from the dropdown and follow the prompt.
(e) eWallet: You can use your Paga Account

Immediately after a successful payment, you would receive a receipt of payment from Remita. ALL payments must be initiated from our portal. Any RRR not generated on our portal (https://ecampus.fulafia.edu.ng/login.php) would not be recognized by the portal and it would be difficult for any student to have a successful registration in this case.

Please note that if you choose an option to pay via MasterCard, you would be redirected to a page where you can continue your registration immediately after successful payment. However, if you choose to pay via other options,

then you must log in again to your portal and click on "Verify Payment Made". Your payment would be instantly verified, and you would be redirected to a page where you can continue with your registration.

The receipt of all your payments are downloadable on your portal.


1. Admitted candidates are required to pay Acceptance Fee of Fifteen Thousand Naira (15,000) only through Remita at any Commercial Bank in favour of SPGS, Federal University of Lafia, and proceed to the Bursary unit of the University for verification of payment before proceeding to the SPGS with evidence of payment.

2. On payment of Acceptance Fee, admitted students are to collect Pre-Registration Screening Forms from the SPGS and proceed to their respective Departments with originals of their certificates and other relevant documents for screening. Candidates are to note that academic transcripts are required at the point of screening.

3. After undergoing screening in their respective Departments, students are to return to the SPGS for final certification of the status of their screening, and are required to pay Administrative charges before admission letter is issued to them.

4.Students cleared by the SPGS will proceed to the bank to pay their full school fees following the same process as in number one (1) above, and subsequently present the following

i. Evidence of payment to the School.

ii. Present to the SPGS one (1) set of photocopies of credentials and other relevant documents.

iii. One (1) passport photograph, before course registration forms are issued to them.

5. Completed course registration forms should be returned to the SPGS within one (1) week.

6.Proceed to ICT with a duplicate of the completed signed registration form for ID Card and generation of Matriculation Number.

7. Students are to pay Ten Thousand Naira (10.000.00) Departmental charges at their respective Departments.

8. Lectures will commence immediately.

FULAFIA e-Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Q1. Has the admission list been released?
A1. Yes. To check your status, visit https://fmis.fulafia.edu.ng/putme/login.php, enter you reg. number and click on check admission status after loging in.

Q2. Can you explain the process of the registration to me?
A2. The procedure has been explained in the registration guide above. 

Q3. When is the deadline to accept the admission?
A3. 1 Week

Q4. Do I need to go to the Bursary to verify my payments?
A4: No. Your presence is not required to verify your payments. Bursary Department have your data and will verify your payments online.

Q5. How will I know if the bursary has verified and cleared me? When can I proceed to the Faculty for Screening?
A5. Once bursary validate your payment, you would receive an instant SMS notification. Do not go for Faculty Screening until the bursary has verified and validated your payment of acceptance fee. Should you not receive SMS notification after 48 hrs, please log in to your portal to check your status.

Q6. What documents should I present to the Faculty Officer for screening?
A6. Your credentials.

Q7. Would Bursary notify me once other fees are verified?
A7. Yes, you would receive instant SMS once the following payments are verified: acceptance fee, school fees, GST Charges, and Matriculation Fee.

Q8. Must I generate my RRR on my portal?
Q8. Yes.

Q9. I have already paid for the acceptance fee immediately I was admitted on JAMB CAPS and the portal is requesting that I should pay another fee now. What can I do?
A9. visit https://fmis.fulafia.edu.ng/putme/login.php and enter the required information and then click on submit. Your payment would be verified and you would receive an SMS verification once this is done.  Once this is done, you would be able to proceed to Faculty for screening and verification.

Q10. How will I locate my Faculty Officer?
A10. All Faculty Officers would be at the 300 Seaters Hall, Take Off Site. 

Q11. My Course Form can not occupy a single page, can I submit it that way?
A11. No. The printing must be set to be on a single A4 page and it must be in colored ink.

Q12. Must I use red background passport?
A12. Yes, otherwise your print out would be rejected.