How to Choose a Topic for Essay: Tips and Ideas for Your Inspiration

Writing an Essay? See Comprehensive Guides and Tips Involved in Choosing an Essay Topic, Pitfalls and Things to Consider to Make an Excellent Essay Writing.

Writing an essay is not easy because of many reasons. First of all, it is your personal choice and reflection of your thoughts and knowledge. Many students lose themselves when they get an essay assignment. Usually, it happens because they cannot find a proper topic for an essay. Indeed, it is not simple to start a paper with a phrase that makes a listener think:

“Wait, I thought about this before, but never guessed it might be so interesting.” If you feel that it is difficult for you to pick a topic, this post is what you have been looking for. Here, you will find essential tips and examples of the topics that will boost your inspiration.

Choosing an Essay Topic: Pitfalls and Things to Consider

First, the topic you are going to want must be interesting both for you and your audience. If you select a theme, you are not excited with, and you will not write a good paper. At least, it will be boring and time-consuming. On the other hand, an exciting topic gives you additional inspiration. If your audience does not like a topic you have chosen, it will never like the essay. It is the first and the primary way to catch your reader’s attention.

Choose something familiar. If you cannot be sure about what you are writing about, everybody will notice that. As a result, the trustworthiness of the whole paper will decrease.

An essay is a simple task, but it requires full disclosure of the problem.

Better avoid controversially, abusing, or offensive themes. A topic should be appropriate for the audience. Agree that an essay about Adolf Hitler’s book read in front of children or a paper about the advantages of the heavy industry at an eco-activism meeting will not lead to estimated consequences.

Analyze the audience beforehand. It does not mean you have to fit everybody’s tastes at all. However, knowing your limits will never be out of place.

Be confident that you will find enough sources for your topic. Sometimes it is better to disclose a popular theme from a unique point of view than finding something exclusive.

A topic must collocate with the type of essay. For instance, cause and effect, narrative, or “how-to” papers do not imply persuasion. Their topics are not likely to contain a fact, question, or statement.

A topic must be detailed. Your task is to disclose a single object or happening, not the whole discipline. A topic “Butterflies” is not edible because the audience can expect everything inside an assay, from biology to arts. A topic “The Migration of Summer Butterflies Across the Texas Territory” is way more specific and lets your reader understand what a paper about is. It will be easier for you to finds more specific information, facts and proves as well.

Choosing an Essay Topic - Examples

When you are to write an essay, you have three possible options:
1. Choosing an interesting topic, nobody knows about;
2. Choosing a famous topic and analyzing it from the uncommon point of view;
3. Selecting a “permanent” topic - an unsolved question, a global problem of humanity, a social tendency, etc. In other words, write about buzz things without a specific solution.

Now you will see some topics that you can borrow for your essay. They are divided by the subjects.


● The Reasons for The US Civil War;
● The International Consequences of The WW2;
● Establishing of the UN: Main Steps and Negotiations;
● Theodore Roosevelt and His Main Achievements During the Presidency;
● The Fall of the Roman Empire: Political and Economical Mistakes.

Culture and Arts

● The Main Features and Distinctive Traits of Early African Culture;
● Appearance and Development of The Theatre in Middle-Aged England;
● Modern Types and Branches of Fine Arts, and Their Further Tendencies;
● French Impressionism As a Special School of Arts;
● Contemporary Culture: The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.


● Ecology as a New Alternative For Communism фnd Capitalism;
● The First Democracies: Reasons to Appear and Features;
● Overlook of Today’s Political System of The United States;
● Similarities and Differences between Monarchy and Theocracy;
● The Future and Forecasts For The American Political Parties.


● Modern Racism and The Ways to Identify and Fight It;
● Positive Experience of the Intercultural Integration In Scandinavian Countries;
● A Role and of Traditions Mass Media in Social Life of an American Citizen;
● New Ways of Research in The Modern Sociology;
● The Main Social Schools of the 19th Century: Common and Distinctive Features.

Geography and Ecology

● Possible Ways to Fight Global Warming on Personal and National Levels;
● The Economic Geography Features of The United States;
● Geographical Position of Great Britain, Its Advantages and Disadvantages;
● The Diversity of Populations In Modern China;
● The Global Disasters That Will Lead to the Climate Changes in The Nearest Future.


● Modern Approaches To Early Cancer Identification in The American Hospitals;
● Possible Disorders Connected With Smoking Tobacco;
● Alcohol Drinking: Possible Advantages and Positive Consequences For the


● Types of Diabetes, Their Symptoms, and Ways of Curing;
● The Usage of Marijuana in Folkish and Traditional Medicine.

These are some good topics for each discipline. As you can see, they are interesting and not complicated enough. You are free to use them for your essays. Otherwise, you already know the rules and tips about essay topic composition, so it will be easy for you to write down your theme