We have discovered that many students do not know how to Create An Email Address or a Gmail Account, the need for creating your own Gmail Account yourself for educational purposes and business reason is so important that you should learn how to create email account either for JAMB Account or other purposes.

You also need your email to check your JAMB Results and reprinting.

So,  In this article I going to show you the exact step I use to create an active email address for any purpose.

But, first.

What is E-mail? 

E-mail = Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail (Email) is an online mailing software that manages outgoing mails and incoming mail for the user. You can use your email account to receive mail from any email provider like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex. And also create email to send to others.

Now you know what is an Email and what it stands for, let's look at the list of Email Management Software.

Lists Of Email Operating System:

  1.  G-Mail (Google Mail). 
  2. Yahoo Mail. 
  3. Yandex
  4. Hotmail. 
  5. Outlook. 
And so much more, I would brief teach you how to create Gmail and Yahoo Mail. 

But, have in mind that Email Operating System is different from Email Management System.

Some example of Email Management System are;

  • MailChimp,
  • Mailmunch, 
  • Aweber,
  • Opt-in Monster,
  • Mailer

And so much more.... 

There is a generic process for creating any email account which I would use here. 

How To Create Any Email ADDRESS Account (Step By Step)

  • Visit the official website like gmail.com or yahoo.com
  • Click on create an account. 
  • Fill your personal information.
  • Agree to their terms and conditions. 
  • Verify your phone number and email address. 
  • You are all done. 
Your email address would be like this:

Depending on the one you create. 

Do you have any problem or question, let us know be tapping add comment below. 

I would answer your question and reply to your comments immediately.