How to Study for any Exam & Excel (Proven Smart Tips / Tricks)
Preparing for any Examinations? Below are the Most Accurate and Important / Proven Smart Tips and Tricks to Help you Study and Excel in any of the Examinations you wish to Write or Sit for.

In this article, I will comprehensively discuss the smart tips and tricks to study and understand so you could be free from the problem of brain drain caused due to lack of understanding while studying. We will be looking precisely on the reasons why students study and don't understand with the solutions. I enjoin you to read this article painstakingly, as i will disclose everything you need to know about the smart tips to study and understand

Why Do You Study?

That is the first question that should come to your mind when ever you think on what are the smart tips study and understand for exams, diverse of students fail examation mostly because they lack knowledge on how to study, mean while what they do is cram. now let me answer the question why do we read/study, we read for : Direction, information, signs, entertainment etc but the reason for a student studying is basically for academic purposes, to understand the main idea of what he/she is reading.

Keypoints to Know You Have Understood What You Have Studied?

The basic way to know that you understood what you have studied is if you can explain in your own word the main idea of the passage, this mostly occur in comprehension passage were by a student will be ask to provide the main idea of the passage.

3 Proven Ways of Understanding

  • Ability to recognize physically stated fact
  • Ability to find non – stated facts
  • Ability to make judgement and personal opinion.

Hindrances to Effective Studying

This are things that usually make you not to understand what you are studying,
  • Using your finger to follow words
  • Thinking other things while reading
  • Concentrating reading focus on words instead of sentences
  • Calling out words during reading
  • Going back always to where you have read
  • Turning your head while reading in other to follow the lines of words.

Factors Affecting Effective Studying Includes:

  • Deciding Time; choose the best time which is convenient for you.
  • Deciding Location; choose your best study location, free of distraction.
  • Taking Responsibility by your self; Decide by your self that you want to read.
  • Decide Manner; take your best reading approach.
  • What's your main purpose of studying? ; knowing your aim of studying.

Yeah! I hope with these smart tips on how to study and understand will work for you and hence forth you'll succeed in your exams.

If there is anything you'd like to know, feel free to let us know using our comment box below.

Guest Post for (LASU INFO) Written by: Oyeniyi Michael Barry
Twitter: @Flashacademy1