Al-Hikmah University Online Exam Guidelines 2019/2020 [VIDEO]

COVID-19: Al-Hikmah University Ilorin Online Examination Guidelines for Second (2nd) Semester, 2019/2020 Academic Session [VIDEO].

The Management of the Al-hikmah University has published the online examination guidelines for all students wishing to write the second semester exams for 2019/2020 academic session.

Al-Hikmah University Online Examination Guidelines for 2nd Semester 2019/2020

Students are expected:
1. to use pen and the University's customized answer sheets
2. to write and not required to type their answer sheets
3. to print out the customized answer sheets and get them ready ahead of every examination to be taken
4. to comply very strictly with the examination procedure
5. to take the examination very seriously, with a very high sense of responsibility and integrity
6. to comply very strictly with all the examination regulations
7. to make their home-based examination environment. That is their examination room and examination table and the entire environment to be compliant and set-pubic to be eligible for the examination
8. to strictly comply with the specified time/duration of the examination
9. to snap their Answer sheets and post it immediately after the examination to the designated destination address on the WhatsApp Examination Platform (WEP)
10. to note that the screenshot of Answer sheet(s) will reflect the time it was sent from the phone, and a delay in posting the sheets beyond three minutes of the completion time of the exams  shall result in cancellation of the paper
11. to ensure the use of only phone's with the student's verifiable identity and that are registered with the University not later than two weeks before the examination
12.The room to be used for Examination by the Student should be locked from behind by the student to prevent any person front intruding into the Examination room
I 3.Students should be notified that submission twice is prohibited and if they submit and later delete the submission, it will show at our end, then the penalty is that the student would will score zero in the examination. If re-submission is unavoidable, then, the first submission should not be deleted.
14. The students would submit through WhassApp to the exam monitoring team and Principal Officers (PO's), they also need to create a broadcast platform at their end for each course and add all the monitoring committee and the PO's to it.
15.There will be five (5) minutes break in-between two (2) segments of an examination paper if the examination is more than One paper.

This is a demonstration of how Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin Nigeria will conduct online examinations for her students.
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