AUL Clears all Programmes at Maiden Accreditation Exercise

Anchor University Lagos (AUL) Clears all Programmes at the Maiden Accreditation Exercise by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

It was a time of celebration in Anchor University as the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Afolayan J.O., announced the results of the University’s first accreditation exercise during an emergency Senate meeting held on Friday, 20th March 2020.

National Universities Commission (NUC) had approved 15 programmes for the University at its take-off in 2017, 13 of which were presented for accreditation in October/November 2019 as provided by NUC guidelines. Expectedly and as further proof of Anchor University’s culture of excellence, the Commission returned all the programmes presented by the University accredited.

Expressing his delights at the results, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Afolyan, J.O. appreciated members of the Senate for their efforts during the exercise. He said the result is an encouragement to the University and encouraged them not relent in their efforts.

“We thank God for this good news. We were well prepared for the exercise and we should be happy about the results and ensure that to do even more. Considering that the exercise was our first as a University, I am most delighted and appreciate all your contributions," he said.

Also speaking while presenting the details of the results to the Senate, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Director of Academic Planning, Prof Fatokun, J.O said the result is an encouragement to the University and everyone who contributed to the exercise. In his words, “To the glory of God, all our programmes were accredited by the Commission. Even more, none of the programmes had an overall score below 80% while many scored well above 90%.”

The programmes presented for accreditation last year were Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting; Economics; Mass Communication; Business Administration; Political Science; Biochemistry; Chemistry; Computer Science; Mathematics; Microbiology; Physics; English & Literary Studies; and History & Diplomatic Studies.

Eleven of the programmes were granted full accreditations, Physics and Economics received interim status while none was denied.

Anchor University began operations in 2017 and, like all other approved Universities, is under the supervision of the National Universities Commission whose responsibilities includes quality assurance in all the nation’s Universities through a regular accreditation exercise.