Lagos State Admission Entry Age Policy into JS 1 Pegged at 12 Years
Lagos State Government (LASG) Begins Enforcement of Admission Entry Age Policy into Junior Secondary Schools (JSS 1) in all Model Colleges, Public and Private Secondary Schools in Lagos State, Defaulters to be Heavily Sanctioned with Fine of N50,000 and N100,000 Respectively.

The Lagos State Government has commenced the enforcement of the entry age of 12 years for pupils seeking admission into junior secondary school (JSS1) to check the registration of under-aged kids.

A fine of N50,000 for first offenders, N100,000 for second offenders as well as warning letters to close the school in case of further violation will be meted out to defaulters.

This policy will be enforced in public and private schools to enhance compliance in the 2022 academic session as contained in the circular sent out to all Concerned Parents and Schools.

The circular signed by Mrs. A.A. Adebowale on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education acknowledged the myriad of disadvantaged embedded in the admission of under-aged children into junior secondary schools.

She said based on the stand of the State Policy on Education, the commissioner for education has directed that the admission of children into either public or private junior secondary schools be pegged at 12 years and this would be strictly enforced by agencies of education in the state.

The new policy emphasised that examinations board and the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) would ensure that under-aged pupils are neither allowed registration nor participation in placement test into JSS 1 and model college screening.

Screening exercise for the transition from primary school to junior secondary school should be strictly adhered to as stated in section 3, sub-section 61, page 22 of Lagos State policy on education.

Henceforth pupils entering JSS1 must be 12 years old. The implication is that they must leave primary school at 11 years. It would no longer be possible for pupils in primary four or five to jump to JSS1.

The ministry asked that the current policy on education should be made available online for all stakeholders to have easy access in either soft or hard copy.

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