COVID:19 Unity Schools Launches Online Virtual Learning Platform

COVID-19 Pandemic: Federal Unity Schools and Colleges Launches Online Virtual Learning Platform for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools (JSS & SSS), Following the Lock-down Directives by the Federal Government.

Good News Alert! Students of Federal Government Colleges can now participate in the same online learning community during the COVID-19 lockdown.

This is a platform tailored to the needs of Unity Schools.

It features EduFirst Video lecture series on all Subjects, classroom interactions with quizzes and polls, break-out group activities, formative assessments, SS3 pre-WAEC preparations, virtual reality practicals for science, and technical students and a robust Critical Thinking and Problem-solving session handled by a seasoned core skills facilitator.

We have a team of 120 experts ready to roll. Sign up quickly into telegram groups as appropriate for orientation and access codes into the Virtual classes.

1. Unity School Virtual Learning (insert link)
2. Unity Echo Virtual Learning (insert link)

For further enquiries, please call or email 08107440598, [email protected]

Link to the telegram group for

Junior School

Senior School

EduFirst TV  

Let's go!!