COVID-19: LASU Directs Non-Essential Staff to Work from Home

COVID:19 Lagos State University (LASU) Management Directs Non-Essential Staff to Work from Home, Deans, Directors and Other LASU Staffs Continues Work on Campus.

The University Management has noticed with great concern the constant inflow of members of staff neither listed in the earlier release to enter the University nor those whose HODs received approval for their presence on campus from the Registrar, in flagrant disregard of the University and State Government's Work from Home directives occasioned by the Covid -19 Pandemic. This development is capable of compromising the fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic and especially the safety of essential staff on ground.

Against this background, the University Management hereby informs that the Work from Home Directive is still in force and only members of staff listed and given approval by the Registrar and staff performing essential duties are permitted to be on the University Campus.

Members of staff who are not performing essential duties and who have not been specifically called for official assignments are therefore informed to desist from coming to the University Campus, and continue to stay and work from home until otherwise directed. The Security Unit is also directed to maintain strict compliance to this directive, with only the stipulated members of staff permitted on the University Campus.

Management also reminds members of the University Community that Covid-19 pandemic is real and prevalent, and they should therefore take responsibility for their safety and those of people around them.

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