ACU Circular on Prevention of Corona Virus Spread on Campus

Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) Circular to All Members of Staffs on Measures to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19) Spread on Campus.

As part of precautionary measures to prevent members of the University community from contacting Corona Virus (COVID-19), Management in consultation with the Director, University Health Service has made provision for facilities for hand washing in the immediate environment of all Departments, Faculties, Units, Halls of Residence, places of worship and other places with high concentration of people on campus, in order to encourage routine washing of hands and sanitization of hands.

It has therefore become necessary to apply the following measures with effect from Monday, June 1, 2020
  1. Handshakes and any other body contacts should be avoided.
  2. All persons (staff and visitors) entering the University are compulsorily required to wear face masks
  3. All categories of staff must maintain safety and personal hygiene in their offices, as advised by NCDC
  4. Members of the University community are enjoined to cooperate with the Campus Security Service in crime control, maintenance of law and order to prevent miscreants from taking advantage of the present situation to perpetrate criminal activities on campus.
  5. Members, irrespective of status, must submit themselves to the following procedure at the main entrance to the University:
  • Sign in/out
  • Measurement of body temperature with the digital thermometer which will administered by a delegate personnel in the University
  • Washing of hands with soap followed by the application of University approved sanitizers
  • Maintain social/physical standing

Management shall strife to update members of the University community with new developments from the NCDC and NUC.

There is no need for anyone to panic. These are precautionary measures as education on prevention is still considered the major intervention against COVID-19 and similar diseases.

In case anyone observes symptoms of the COVID-19, such as running nose, sore throat, cough and fever, such person should kindly call the University Health Services for immediate intervention.


Thank you.