Nekede Poly Rebuttal on Alleged Job Racketeering [Press Release]

Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri (FPNO) Rebuttal on Alleged Job Racketeering as Widely Speculated Online, Published on Magazines and Read out on various Radio Stations.

The attention of the Rector and the Management of Federal Polytechnic Nekede has been drawn to the publication made by The Nigerian Horn Newspaper and read as Newspaper review in some radio stations captioned "Alleged Job Racketing rocks Federal Polytechnic Nakede, The Polytechnic therefore, notifies the public for clarity purposes and states thus:

1. That the authority of the institution Is not associated with any form of employment racketing and has never been since the inception of the institution what more now that the institution has a minister of God as Its Chief Executive.

2. That employment procedures are carried out In accordance with Federal Government directives.

3. That employment and admission in Federal Polytechnic Nekede are not for sale and will never be.

4. That the Management is aware of the allegation against a staff concerning extortion of money from the members of the public but cannot for now ascertain the essence of the extortion.

5. That the institution has issued a query to the said staff to allow him accept or deny the allegation.

6. That crime or indiscipline of a single individual should not be over generalized against the entire group.

7. That the Rector of the Institution who from his days as a student and President of Scripture Union till his ordination as an Anglican Priest has remained an anti-corruption personality to the knowledge of all who had come in contact with him.

8. Any association of his long built and cherished name with any form of racketing is a dangerous blackmail that is worth condemnation.

9. That the publication made by The Nigerian Horn Newspaper was unverified. There is need for the media houses to verify their information before publication to avoid tarnishing another person, image. This is because the news published misrepresents the Rector, information.

10. The Polytechnic therefore demands a retraction; and an unqualified apology from The Nigerian Horn Newspaper forthwith or else the institution would wish the Newspaper to prove as appropriate who accused the staff and Management of the Institution of indulging in job racketing.

We therefore urge the public to ignore the publication from the Nigerian Horn Newspaper that accused the Rector and staff of Federal Polytechnic Nekede of Employment Racketing as it reads

The Rector of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Dr. Michael Chidiebere Arimanwa and staff of the Institution have been accused of indulging in job racketeering within the institution". This quotation is not only mischievous; it is also a misinformation to the general public and therefore not acceptable to the Institution.

The records should always be put straight and right.