ACU Notice on Payment of Outstanding School Fees 2019/2020

Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) Important Notice to Parents, Guardians and Students on Payment of all Outstanding School Fees for the 2019/2020 Academic Session.

Latest Update:  In view of the commencement of a new Academic Session on Thursday, September 24, 2020 (that is, just about two weeks away), parents/sponsors and students are enjoined to endeavour to make payment of the school fees of their children/wards promptly.

Parents/sponsors may wish to be reminded that the school fees are payable in three (3) instalments, the first instalment being due for payment at the commencement of the first semester.

All outstanding indebtedness on school fees, especially by graduating students, should be settled without further delay. Graduating students are advised to carefully note that under no circumstance will they be mobilized for the National Youth Service if their school fees remain unpaid. Indeed, the results of indebted students will not be processed for consideration, let alone receive the approval of Senate. Only graduating students who have made full payment of their school fees will be issued their certificates and/or transcript of academic records which will facilitate their mobilization for National Youth Service.

Parents/sponsors should please take note that the University has not increased its fees. Therefore, the fees paid in the 2019/2020 Academic Session still subsist.

Thank you.

You would observe the magnanimity of the Management of this Institution in allowing students to write the mid-semester examination without bothering them over outstanding school fees. This gesture has equally been extended to the on-going 2nd semester examination.

The Management will therefore appreciate a reciprocal demonstration of this kind gesture from parents in paying the outstanding school fees of their wards without further delay.

Consequently, Management wishes to inform parents that the answer scripts of students having outstanding school fees will not be processed. Hence, such students will not have results.

The final year students having outstanding fees, in particular, should take serious cognizance of the above Management decision as they will not be cleared to participate in the mandatory national service.

Finally, while Management appreciates payments coming in from few parents in trickles, we wish to reiterate our expectation over full compliance by parents accordingly.

  1. Further to our previous memo on the above subject-matter, Management wishes to thank the few parents who have paid the outstanding school fees of their Wards for their cooperation.
  2. We want to bring to remembrance the University’s resolve and kind gesture in allowing students to write the mid-semester and 2nd semester examinations without bothering them over outstanding school fees and our expectation that parents would reciprocate by paying the outstanding fees of their wards.
  3. Management wishes to further reiterate its decision that scripts of students still having outstanding school fees WILL NOT be marked. Consequently, such students will have NO results. Please note that the University will not entertain any undertaking from parents beyond what we have allowed.
  4. As a guide, the financial status of all students for 2019/2020 academic session ONLY (as at 31st July, 2020 )has been posted on the university’s website. This comprises all payments made during this academic session ONLY. Updated list will be displayed every Monday to reflect the new status of those who paid after this date including fresh students given some sort of discounts.
  5. Management has considered that students should pay accommodation fee for only the period they stayed on campus before the lock down (i.e. 2 weeks).
  6. Consequently, students owing N45,000 and below are marked as ‘cleared’ on the list.
  7. Students are advised to check through the financial status list and any complaints should be directed to e-mail: [email protected] or WhatsApp 08068753469.
  8. Difficulties were encountered in tracing some payments made directly into the University’s accounts to any particular student as the descriptions in our bank statements are ambiguous. Those who paid by bank transfer as well as those who used other names than the students’ names fall into this category. Pls contact us through the above e-mail & WhatsApp
Thank you.