First Tech-U Exam Timetable for 2nd Semester 2019/2020

First Technical University (TECH-U), Ibadan Examination Timetable for Second (2nd) Semester, 2019/2020 Academic Session [ Download in PDF].

This is to inform students of First Technical University, Ibadan that the management of first tech-U Ibadan has released the timetable for the conduct of the second-semester examination 2019/2020 academic session.

The examination is scheduled to start on 28th October 2020 and ends on 17th November 2020.


First Techncal University Exam Timetable for 2nd Semester 2019/2020

9.00-11.00 12.00-14.00 15.00-17.00 TEXT COLOUR INDICATORS
28/10/2020 GST002 FRE202 FRE102 General Electives
FRE302 EVS312 Part 1 Courses
Part 2 Courses
29/10/2020 EVS112 EVS212 GST004 Part 3 Courses
BME302 GST003
PEE302 EEE306
30/10/2020 CHM202 MCB208 MTE314
MEE312 FST304 BME304
AGE306 EEE302 MEE318
02/11/2020 MEE306 CSC218 ICH252
FST302 PEE306 FST310
BME306 EEE312 AGE310
03/11/2020 FST316 MCB202 CYB208
BME312 AGE200 CHM214
MTH302 EEE304 BME318
04/11/2020 ICH152 BME210 BME316
AGE302 MEE322 EEE310
BME310 MTE320 FST312
05/11/2020 CYB102 FST318 MCB210
CHM210 EEE314 PEE304
MEE326 AGE304 BME320
06/11/2020 BIO102 BME208 BIO202
MEE206 EEE308 BME308
AGE308 FST308 MEE320
09/11/2020 CHM102 ICH201 MCB206
CSE206 PEE308 FST314
EEE316 BME314 MEE316
10/11/2020 MTH202 CSC102 ICH222
CSE208 MCB204 MEE314
CHM212 FST306 MTE310

11/11/2020 PHY102 CSC222 EEE202
STA212 PHY206 CYB206
STA122 FST202 CSE212
12/11/2020 STA141 STA223 MCB102
FST204 PHY209 PHY210
CSC202 CSE102 MEE210
13/11/2020 STA202 STA112 MEE102
CSC214 MEE208 PHY204
ICH112 BME204 MTH204
16/11/2020 MTH104 CSE104 MEE204
MTH206 PHY214 BME202
CSC204 EEE206 CSC208
17/11/2020 MTH102 CYB202 MEE202
BME206 STA222
MTE202 PHY202