Hire a Professional Website Designer | Fast, Reliable & Affordable

Need a Website Designer for your Business? Hire a Professional Website Designer | Build and Create a Website Online | Learn how to Build a Website as a Student and Make Money Online while in School |  Register Business Website.

In this 21st century, If you're a business or a company owner and you don't have a website to showcase your online presence. That's not good enough, we're in the age of technology and everything has become digital, running your business online will give you lots of upper hand.

For instance, this COVID-19 have affect lots of offline business, because they have refused to showcase it online. Showcaing your business online will give you upper hand by easily selling all your products online without moving an inch from your house.

Do you own a business/company and you need a website to showcase and represent your online presence? Then, you don't have to panic. MEJN TECHNOLOGIES is here to help you with that burden you have been facing, to showcase your business online.

Hire a Professional Website Designer | Fast, Reliable & Affordable


MEJN TECHNOLOGIES NIG LTD is a registered company in nigeria with RC NUMBER 2868535. We have been helping people to showcase their businesses online for the past years.
We have got you covered in all the areas of your digital life.


a. Website Developement: such as: Business Website, Company Website, Online Banking Website, Loan Website, Hospital Website, Bitcoin Website, Courier/Shipping Website, Church Website, Hotel Website, Investment Website, Charity Website, Betting Website and much more.

b. Video Editing: such as Video animation, Promotional video, Lyrics video, Motion video, Colour grading, Video subtitle, caption and much more.

c. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): such as On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, BACKLINKS, Social media promotion, and much more.

d. CAC registration/ International Passport: Getting your company registered with the Cooperate affairs Commission, and send you your certificate anywhere you are in the whole world. Likewise your International passport.

e. Online and Physical Training: We are always available to train anybody who are interested in any of the services will render. We have delivered over hundred's of Projects so far, and we have received a great feedback so far from our clients. We are fast, accurate, trustworthy and reliable. We keep to promises and ensure we strictly follow our policy, by not sharing any of our client details with third parties.


Are you a student and you wish to learn any of the services listed above? That's not a problem, we are always open for people to come in and learn. Over the years now, thing's haven't been going perfectly well for some students in school. Because they're not getting enough support from home. Moreover, our government have made things hard for our parent to the extent of eating what they like is more of difficult, talk more of of sending enough cash to their son's and daughter's in school.

This is a great opportunity for you to get skills today and change your life for good. Don't forget the quote that say's ''Time wait for no Man''.