OKO POLY Dress Code in Campus | War Against Indecent Dressing

Federal Polytechnic, Oko (OKO POLY) Publishes New Dress Code for all Students in all Campuses: War Against Indecent Dressing (WAID) in Federal Polytechnic Oko.

The Management of Federal Polytechnic, Oko and the entire community frown at indecent dressing among staff and students on campus, and forbid these forms of dressing on the campuses.

Federal Polytechnic Oko Dress Code [War Against Indecent Dressing] in Campuses


  • Singlets, Body Hugged/Sleeveless Shirts
  • Shorts / Knickers
  • Long and bushy hair/beard
  • Braids, dread locks or coloured hair
  • Rugged jeans
  • Sagging of trousers/low waist or ass down trousers
  • Earrings
  • Inscription on hair cut
  • Headties/scarves
  • Kaftan without trousers
  • T-shirts and jeans with immoral messages
  • Wearing of cap/scarf to examinations

OKO POLY Dress Code [War Against Indecent Dressing] in Campuses


  • Transparent clothes
  • Clothes that reveal sensitive parts of the body such as the burst, chest, belly, navel, armpit, buttocks.
  • Spaghetti strap/strapless dressess
  • Off shoulder dresses/tops
  • Sleevless dress/tops
  • Crop/tank tops
  • Shorts/Knickers
  • Nini/short skirts or gowns
  • Dress/skirt with slit above knees
  • Rugged jean and low wasit trousers
  • Bandana hair band
  • Over length and cloured braids
  • Coloured hair
  • Nose rings
  • Long Artificial eye lashes
  • Bogus fashion jewelries
  • Wearing of cap/scarf to examination


  • Dress decently or face the consequences
  • Shun indecent dressing in Fderal Polytechnic, Oko
  • Dress decently and God will love you more.
  • Indecent dressing reduces a queen/king to a slave.