YABATECH Compulsory Use of I.D Cards & Exam Dockets
Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) Important Notice to all Students on Compulsory Use of Identity Cards and Examination Dockets for admission into Examination Hall.

The Academic Board at its Meeting approved that henceforth it is mandatory for students to present both identity cards and examination dockets for admission into the examination hall.

Keeping in mind the safety and security of staff and students on campus, it has become imperative to take some precautionary action in order to have a complete and foolproof security measure.

Management has decided therefore to make the wearing of Identity Cards compulsory for both staff and students.

This new measure which is considered to be extremely helpful for security clearance will help guide against infiltration of questionable characters within the vicinity of the College two campuses.

It is in the context of the above that staff and students are enjoined to cooperate with management to ensure total compliance of this directive.

Joe Ejiofor.