WAEC Aptitude Test Services for Clients & Private Candidates
West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Aptitude Test Services, Types of Aptitude Test, Reporting of Test Scores, Time of Release, Service Charges for Clients and Private / Individual Candidates.

The Aptitude Tests Department (ATD) is an arm of the Test Administration Division of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). It is responsible for developing and administering aptitude tests for clients.

What is Aptitude Test?

Aptitude Tests are a series of standardized tests designed to measure a person’s potential to acquire particular skills with training. Aptitude Test scores, therefore, supply a means of assessing or estimating a person’s potentials.

Aptitude Tests are, therefore, distinct from other types of tests, such as achievement test which aim at measuring how well or how much a person has learnt within a given period.

Available Types Of Aptitude Tests

(1) Selection Tests into various educational programmes in Secondary Schools, Technical/Vocational Schools, School of Nursing, Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology and mature programmes in universities, etc.
(2) Commercial and Industrial Tests for selection into various jobs, including unskilled and semi-skilled, clerical/secretarial, technical/skilled and supervisory/managerial.
(3) Private/Individual Tests for assessing the abilities and potentials of individuals.

Reporting of Test Scores

Tests scores can be reported in any conventional mode as requested by the client - either in the raw score for or any standardized score form e.g. Percentage and Percentile rank, Z-score/T-score and Stanine.

Time of Release:

Test scores if on the spot release is required can be released within 3 hours. While normal release take 2weeks. Early release attracts additional charges.

Service Charges

(a) Test Services: The fees are reasonable but vary according to the type of tests.

How To Obtain Information

For further information on the tests and all the services described above please contact any WAEC Zonal or Branch Office located in your State or write direct to:
The Controller, Or visit our office:
Aptitude Tests Department, Aptitude Tests Department,
Tests Administration Division, 11th Floor,
West African Examinations Council, 21 Hussey Street
PMB 1022 Yaba, Lagos. WAEC, Yaba, Lagos
Cellphone: +2348148238043
[email protected]