ABU Notice on Upgrade of Staff & Students WEB Portals

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Important Notice to all Staff and Students on Upgrade of Staff and Students WEB Portal.

This is to inform the University community that the students and staff portals have undergone major reviews and upgrades. Records on the old students and staff portals have been migrated to the new upgraded portals.

The upgraded portals have been launched and the old ones decommissioned.

As a result of different encryption/hashing algorithms of the old and new portals, account passwords of both students and staff have been reset to some defaults which shall be communicated to concerned users.

The addresses of the portals are as follows:

1. Students Portal https://portal.abu.edu.ng

2. Staff portal https://portal.abu.edu.ng/staff

For further details and enquiries, send a mail to: [email protected] or [email protected]