Trinity University Medical Screening Guidelines 2020/2021

Trinity University (TU) Yaba Lagos State Medical Screening and Admission on Campus / Hall of Residence Guidelines and Requirements for Freshers/ Newly Admitted Students for the 2020/2021 Academic Session.

The management of the Trinity University (TU) Yaba Lagos State has published the medical screening and admission on campus/ hall of residence guidelines and requirements for all newly admitted students for the 2020/2021 academic session.

Trinity University Medical Screening Guidelines and Requirements 2020/2021

1. All fresh students MUST undergo mandatory Medical Screening/Clearance
2. The Medical screening/clearance will hold at the Clearance Centre (Trinity University Health Centre)
3. Medical Screening/Clearance opens at 8.00am and closes 5.00pm daily;
4. All fresh students are required to pay a Screening fee of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira only);
5. Screening fee will be paid ONLY at the Screening/Clearance Centre without which the students will not be screened or admitted on Campus;
6. Screening will include:
a). Temperature check;
b). Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT);
c). Disinfection of students’ bags and other materials
d). Blood Group and Genotype.
7. Those with unsatisfactory medical result will return home with their parents. They will only be admitted with NCDC certification.
8. Other medical check will continue afterwards at the Medical Centre.
9. No student will be admitted into the hall of residence without the clearance pass.
10. Parents are to stay within the car park and inside their vehicles while the screening last. ONLY students will be admitted unto the Clearance ground.

Trinity University Procedure for Medical Screening and Admission on Campus / Hall of Residence

In addition to the scheduled resumption protocol, the following steps should be taken by students upon resumption on Campus on the schedule days. This is applicable to both day and boarding students. Day students will need the clearance pass to be allowed into the campus on daily basis.

1. All students and parents must report at the security unit for temperature check
2. Parents will be directed to the hall where they will wait for their wards if they wish to. No parents will be allowed beyond that point and into the hall of residence.
3. Students will drop their luggage at the security unit and proceed to the registration point for verification of payment status.
4. Students that have paid the required fees will proceed to the next step of formal registration with the Registry Unit, Faculty and Department. Students are to come along with their original credentials for sighting and 3 extra copies of each document for registration at the aforementioned section. Returning students are to come with their evidence of payment. Returning students that have not paid the required 60% fee for the session will not be allowed on campus.
5. Student will proceed to the medical screening section to obtain a slip to take to the clinic for the medical screening.
6. Students with satisfactory medical result will be issued a clearance pass which will be taken back to the registration unit for checking of their luggage and decontamination of bags after which they proceed to the hall of residence ( for boarders).