UNIABUJA Exam Misconduct & Disciplinary Measures

University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) Examination Misconduct and Disciplinary Measures: See List of Offences, Sanctions and Punishments to be Meted Out to Students who Violates the Code of Conduct During any Examination in UNIABUJA.

Following the release of the examination timetable, the management of the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) has also published the examination misconduct and disciplinary measure to be meted out to any students who violate the exam code of conduct. 

UNIABUJA UNIABUJA Examination Misconduct and Disciplinary Measures

Find below the Examination Misconduct and Disciplinary Measures in University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria.

SN Misconduct Disciplinary Measures
1. Refusal to be identified and/or searched at the entrance of the examination hall and/or
refusal to display examination slip on the desk
Barring the student from examination for that paper by the
Chief Invigilator and course treated as carry over
2. Leaving examination hall without permission Self-expulsion from the examination hall duly reported and
sanctioned by the Chief Invigilator and the paper treated as
3. Rudeness to Invigilator during any examination characterized by verbal abuse, insolence
unsavory comments, disobedience, etc.
Rustication for one semester
4. Threat and/or physical violence on invigilator or any University staff during the
examination matters
Expulsion from the University
5. Disruption of the examination characterized by: Violent behavior, Treat to life Expulsion from the University
6. Disturbance during examination characterized by: Speaking to other candidate (s) while
the examination is going on, Frequent unauthorized movement, Noise making etc.
Warning in the first instance and expulsion from the
examination hall by the Chief invigilator on subsequent
infraction and the course treated as carry-over
7. Being in possession of dangerous (s) weapon in and around the examination hall Expulsion from the University
8. Lateness to examination hall: a student may be admitted into the examination hall 30
minutes into to examination
Shall not be allowed extra time
9. Exchanging information written on question paper, four figure table, etc. Rustication for one (1) academic session
10. Possession and/or use of unauthorized electronic devices that can compromise the
integrity of examinations, including but not limited to GSM phones, Mp3 players,
programmable calculators, palm tops, wrist watches etc.
Expulsion from the University
11. Possession of unauthorized materials extraneous to the examination Rustication from the University for one semester
12. Unauthorized possession and/or use of answer booklets, continuation sheets and other
examination materials by means of stealing smuggling, buying printing and substitution
of answer booklet, etc
Expulsion from the University
13. Possession and/or concealing cheat materials in or writing on any part of the body
and/or clothes
Expulsion from the University
14. Attempting to destroy exhibit (s) after apprehension (by chewing) tearing and defacing of
the exhibit (s) or resisting apprehension (including running away) with the exhibit (s)
Expulsion from the University
15. Possession of an already written answer booklet at the end of the examination Expulsion from the University
16. Swapping of examination booklet (s) Expulsion from the University
17. Refusal to submit answer booklet at the end of the examination Expulsion from the University
18. Aiding and abetting cheating characterized by:
Giving false information such as name, registration number, course
Giving false evidence to the Examination Misconduct Committee
Acting as courier of materials that can compromise the integrity of the examination
Rustication for one semester
19. Involvement in examination leakage Expulsion from the University
20. Intimidating/harassing staff for purposes of leaking of examination question. Expulsion for the University
21. Impersonating (both the impersonator and collaborator) Expulsion from the University
22. Failure to appear before the committee on Examination Mis-Conduct after three (3)
Expulsion from the University
23. Intentional alteration of examination slip, identify Card number and photograph Expulsion from the University
24. Writing University examination in an unauthorized venue (s) within or outside the
University Premises
Expulsion from the University
25. Refusal to write statement of regulation infraction Expulsion from the University