CONAMKAT Registration Guidelines 2022/2023 | Nursing & Midwifery
Katsina State Nursing and Midwifery (CONAMKAT) Registration, School Fees Payment Guidelines and Procedures, Matriculation Ceremony and Lecture Commencement Dates for all Fresh/Newly Admitted and Returning ND/HND Nursing, Post-Basic Nursing, Basic Midwifery and Community Midwifery Students for 2022/2023 Academic Session.

The management of the Katsina State Nursing and Midwifery (CONAMKAT) has published the registration/ school fees payment guidelines and procedures, matriculation ceremony and lecture commencement dates for all fresh/newly admitted students and returning students for the 2022/2023 academic session.


Katsina State Nursing and Midwifery (CONAMKAT) Registration Guidelines 2022/2023

This is to inform all successful candidates admitted into ND/HND Nursing Programme at Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing, Katsina that ONLINE Registration will commence on Wednesday, 13th October, 2022 and ends on Sunday 30th October, 2022.

The online registration has six (6) main processes.
They are Verification, Updating Biodata, Printing of Admission Letter and Other Forms, Fee Payment, Course Registration and Hostel Reservation. The first three (3) steps are for printing admission letter and other forms.
If you have already updated your biodata or printed your admission letter, you can just proceed to Step 4.


b. Click "Student Portal"
c. Click "New Registration, Begin Here"
d. Put your Application Number (e.g BM201543) and click "Verify".

NOTE: If admitted, it will display that you are admitted and it will redirect you to the page for updating Biodata.


a. Enter the password you want to be using for login in the portal (e.g 123456)
b. Enter all your personal details.
c. Upload your passport
d. Click "Create Account". It will show successful and will also display your password.


a. Click on "Student Login"
b. Enter your Application Number and the password you put during updating of biodata and click "Login"
b. At your top left, Click on "Admission Letter" to print the Admission Letter (it should be printed COLORED and on a CREAM CONQUEROR paper)
c. Click on "Registration Forms" to print Acceptance Form, Library Form, Guarantor Form, ID Card Form, Undertaking Letter and Hostel Undertaking Form (It is a single PDF document that contains all the forms, it is 8 pages)
NOTE: Only Admission letter should be coloured. Those other forms can be printed black and white on an A4 paper.


a. Click on "Fee Payment"
b. Click on "School Fee"
c. Click "Pay Now"
d. If you want to pay at the Bank, under "Cash Deposit at the bank" click on "Please Click here". But if you wish to pay using ATM (preferably Master Card), under "Online Payment", click on "Please Click Here". And if you want to pay through USSD, copy the RRR number and put the transaction code.
d. If you have successfully paid, Click Fee Payment, then Payment History and print your Payment Slip


a. Click on "Course Registration"
b. Click on "Register"
c. Select all the Courses by clicking on "Check" (it is at the Top Right)
c. Click on "Register Selected Courses"
d. Print the Courses registered


a.Click on "Hostel Reservation"
b. Click on "Make Payment"
c. Select "Hostel Accommodation" and make your payment.
d. Click "Hostel Allocation" and choose your Hostel, the room and bed-space
c. Click on "My Hostel" to see and print the hostel allocated to you.

Lastly, after finishing, ensure you fill and sign those REGISTRATION FORMS before going to the School. Also, your Parent/Guardian/Next of Kin should also fill and sign where provided. Make three (3) copies of each of them.


Take the following to the Progamme Coordinator of your programme in your School (original and 3 copies each):

  1. JAMB Admission Letter
  2. College Admission Letter (To be printed online, COLOURED and on a cream CONQUEROR Paper)
  3. Biodata Printout
  4. Course Registration Form
  5. Payment Slip
  6. Completed Acceptance Form
  7. Completed ID Card Form
  8. Completed Library Form
  9. Completed Undertaking Letter
  10. Completed Guarantor’s Form
  11. Medical Examination Form
  12. Six (6) Passport Photographs
  13. Acknowledgement Card
  14. SSCE Certificate or Statement of Result
  15. Secondary School Testimonial
  16. Primary Certificate
  17. Primary School Testimonial
  18. Indigene Letter
  19. Hostel Fee Payment Slip (for those that will stay in hostel)
  20. Hostel Allocation Form (for those that will stay in hostel)
  21. Result Scratch Card(s)
  22. One (1) A4 Rim Paper
  23. NOTE: Item 3 – 11, 19 and 20 can be printed from the Registration Portal.


1. If it is Post Basic Nursing student, in addition to the above, she must come along with 3 copies each of License, Notification of Registration, Certificate of Registration and Release Letter.

2. All students MUST collect a Medical Examination Form from the Heath Officer of the School and take it to the designated hospital for tests. Students will be responsible for the payment of all the tests.

3. ND Nursing Candidates whose remark indicates “Admitted” should visit JAMB portal, accept the admission and print the JAMB Admission Letter. Candidates whose remark indicates “Result Not Entered” should visit JAMB State Office and ensure that their respective results are entered to enable them get admitted by JAMB and thereafter print JAMB Admission Letter.


  • Item 3 – 11, 19 and 20 can be printed from the Registration Portal.
  • Failure to register by Sunday 30th October, 2022 means forfeiture of admission.
  • Matriculation Ceremony
  • Commencement of Lecture: Monday, 31st November, 2022.